There needs to be great penalties for diving

Echelon, as a whole map, feels more balanced than Overgrowth. Even the “backdoor” spots are positioned in such a way to be more visible to players and the sentry. The possible angles of attack, while more accessible, are much more condensed in Echelon than they are in Overgrowth.

The backdoor spot in Overgrowth is hard to see into and even more difficult for the sentry to defend itself against because the geography of the spot provides excellent cover. It’s more removed from where the mid struggle is and you can’t even loop around easily to sandwich them between you and the sentry like you can in Echelon.

I also might be a little bitter because I feel like I’ve experienced more than my fair share of exceptionally persistent Benedicts/ISICS just unendingly flying/jumping into that spot to be extremely tacky PITAs. To the point where I feel like I can’t leave the sentry zone because I can’t rely on my pubbie team to pay enough attention.

That being said, I had one bizarre Echelon match where half the opposing team bum rushed the sentry right out of the gate and put a significant dent in it. Like before their first minion wave even had a chance to biff it on the bridge. The sentry does a hilariously bad job of defending itself. It should definitely have more attack options or better target priority for dealing with enemy Battleborn.

I think a lot of the butt chafe about backdooring would go away if the audio cues for the sentry being under attack fired correctly. Just saying.

My point exactly. That’s why backdooring needs to stay.

Team makeup is not always going to favor a push unless you’re a premade team.

Allowing for backdooring of the forward sentry and the fact that it can be succesfully done by a lone ranged player opens up the battlefield beyond the minion lane which could be clogged hard by an all melee team.

I think the whole problem is target acquisition time. While we’re at it, since the Sentries are essentially supposed to be bosses, why don’t we give them special attacks? Like occasional knock backs or AoEs?

I’d point to Dawngate which had a really excellent and unique nexus/core design idea.

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I think there is one major aspect of the game that you’re mixing up with other MOBAs which is the win condition. The towers/phoenixes/etc. protect a major objective you have to destroy. In Incursion, it follows the same design where spider tanks act as towers in other MOBAs. In Meltdown, the objective of the game isn’t necessarily to destroy sentries to reach an objective, but to guide minions to an area. Meltdown is much more like Arena from Smite than Conquest. And if you’ve played Arena, you would know that there are absolutely no turrets in the path. Why? Because it’s the player’s job to deal with them not the turret’s job. Meltdown follows this same design. The turrets are there to slow down minions more than to actually kill them. The slow is also given to players diving, making it way easier to retreat. The thumper turrets serve their purpose for Meltdown.

I think that if the turrets could be buffed a bit but I don’t think it’s too big of a deal. I think exponentially increasing dps based on how long an enemy is back there would be good enough.

I see what you’re saying. My problem is that, especially in Paradise, the enemies can basically chase you to your spawn point before having to give up. It just seems a bit ridiculous IMO. Your little “base” area in Paradise with the elite minion generators and the supply station is just entirely too open IMO and makes it too easy for people to get behind you and gank you. That’s just my take.

I would support the ability to buff the sentry with shards.

Maybe give it some cool abilities like proximity sirens, smoke grenades with infrared sight (enemies in LOS have red outlines), party hats and streamers, a leaping ground slam, poison lipstick, 200k to open up a coffee shop, and lazer eyes!

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There does need to be a bigger penalty. They can sneak in past first sentry hit the big Thrall between the first and second sentry and get it to attack the first sentry. That should NOT be possible. Sentry’s need to hit battleborn a lot harder and target them faster.

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The idea of spending shards to buy upgrades to the Sentry is pretty cool. It’s not unusual for me to have extra shards late game and not much to do with them.

I agree 100%. I just keep thinking of them compared to the turrets in League of Legends and they’re just so pathetic in comparison. I would never get into the range of a tower in LoL unless it was an emergency or I was really really really sure I could land that kill. In Battleborn there’s very little risk to getting in range of the Sentry. Late game can be different but even in early game they’re just not enough of a threat.

There is no punishment or penalty for diving in this game and frankly im sick of it. Players teleporting up from he area where the two thrall are on overgrowth. Running past tank to our own thrall killing it then summoning it and proceeding to run up where the health support station is and camping up there WHILE the first sentry is up. Are u ■■■■■■■ serious? How is this allowed? They can pull this crap by running up the sniper nest and thanks to u devs nerfing the sentry so it doesnt hit battleborns anywhere near as hard Incursion is a ■■■■■■ game mode now. Fix it!

Have you tried… shooting them?


Yeah there are many post about how unreliable the sentry targeting is. I try to comment on everyone in hopes it gets some attention from the devs. The sentry targeting needs to be better. If you are damaging the sentry, it must be able to damage you…from anywhere. The announcements also should be less buggy and accurate at all times.

Haven’t noticed this too much but what really bugs me more than anything is on meltdown people are able to follow you right and kill you right next to your spawn. The turret that is up to dissuade pursuers down next to no damage. That turret should do 10 times as much damage as the normal turrets. I had a whole group just run right up to me stand next to that turret and not a single one of them dropped below half health, hell I don’t think they’re shields even broke before I was dead and the turret did nothing.