There needs to be harsher punishments for these rage quitters

I can not count how many games I’ve lost because a guy dies twice in 3 minutes then decides to quit like a baby. And the only thing they have to do is wait out the imminent loss because we’re down a team mate. They should get a ban from playing for x minutes or x hours because not only are they abandoning the game they’re making the matches worse for others


Have you tried using the search feature to find similar threads?

I see the following:

How do you suppose it can be determined that someone “rage quit” and didn’t just lose their connection? Without proof, you might just well be punishing someone whose power went out for fifteen minutes.

Though there are lots of threads concerning the punishment of quitters and afk-ers, I really don’t think gamers should be thinking along the lines of “punishing” people for circumstances they can’t possibly be certain about.

Despite what ISIC says, BB is not real life.

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Well, I think the issue is people who have a consistent history of “quitting”. Sure someone might DC, but it shouldn’t happen more than 10-15% of the time, or else they have other issues to contend with.

My proposal has always been to give them a backend tag of “leaver”, then just pair them with other leavers. Decided whatever the threshold should be (I think 3-4 of the last 20 matches is a good benchmark), then stick them there. If it was just a bad internet day, then after several matches, the bad-mark will go away and they can be paired with other, non-leaver people.

Gearbox is already going to implement a report feature and you’ll be able to report leavers/quitters. I’m sure that disconnecting once or twice won’t result in a ban, but as soon as they start negatively affecting a lot of games then they’ll be taken care of by Gearbox.

Anyways, as @Zarnias already mentioned, you should try to post on threads that are already around rather than creating new ones if possible.

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I’m not a software developer, so I don’t know how hard that would be to code on three platforms, but I’d rather have the devs working on Hotfixes and tweaking the gameplay than figuring out how to code in tracking players’ quit history.

Put it as their title instead imo. That way everyone can see your a leaver.

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In theory (like most things), it shouldn’t be too hard. They’ve said in the past that they have leaver data. And they’ll have a reporting function like @Skrumpcious mentioned.

After reports are implemented, I’ll revisit my opinion on it. But for now, I get so irritated when people leave the game (on either side).

I can see that. Sometimes you just need to vent and at least here you know you’ll meet other people who have had the same experience. Just try to remember to have fun in spite of the quitters. You can have a good game even if you lose.

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Oh, totally. I still have fun, but it’s unfair. Sometimes I win because they were down a person (and sometimes they still win!). I just feel bad that there are people that don’t care about someone else’s time.

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Come-on, no need to hijack this guy’s thread because you’re mad about the Hotfix. There are other threads to rage about that in.

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Let’s all try to remain as on topic as we can.

And use the appropriate threads for appropriate discussions.

Thank you.

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Didn’t realize it was already discussed sorry can we close this then?