There seems to be a glitch when playing Battleborn co-op in the Algorithm mission. Please help!

There seems to be a glitch when playing co-op in the Algorithm mission. After killing all the enemy, the H3NCHM4N never comes out and we are stuck! We can’t get into the next room. This has happened to us 3 times and it is very aggravating! We haven’t been able to pass this mission and it makes it so much worse when we get to this point and then have to start over because the stupid game isn’t working right! I watched a walkthrough on YouTube to see if we could be doing something wrong but the video shows that the H3NCHM4N boss comes out after killing all the enemy and there is no way for us to make it come out so we can continue the game. Please help! We really like this game but since this has happened to us twice out of the last 3 times we’ve played and the first time it happened was just a few games before that!

It was doing that in beta as well.

look on your mini map, sometimes theres a bot or two that makes its way back up the shaft, a benedict, phoebe, or Oscar mike can usually get it. Also the one time this happened and we didn’t have the right character the game moved on after about 3-4 min.

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This. Do not forget if you get stuck,GBX put a waveclear (everything clears itself,noticed it mostly on defense wave) at the end of each wave,after 2-3 mins. (Too many Thralls stuck in walls!)
I met bugs but the only time we had to restart was the sentinel bug,we had someone who didn’t know about the crystals.

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Thanks, that really makes sense that a bot flew up the hole that we jumped down. I have looked at the map and I do see a red image that when I try to find it to kill it, it isn’t there. I did assume it must be above me but I’m using Marquis and even when I try to send a bird or even an assault drone up the hole that we jumped down, it doesn’t work. I don’t know what to do. It really discourages me from wanting to play. It’s bad enough to try not to die but now I have to worry about killing all the flying bots so one of them doesn’t fly up the hole and not be able to kill it! They need to fix this glitch. Like I said, it’s happened to us 3 times and twice out of the last 3 games. That’s nice to know that some of the characters can kill a bot that’s flown up the hole but Marquis is the only character that doesn’t make us die almost immediately. Does anyone know how I can ask the makers of Battleborn to make an update, patch or something to fix this?

I don’t know what waveclear is or how to do it.

Sometimes enemies get stuck in places you cannot reach them and if you just wait a few minutes, the game “waveclears” and just starts up the next wave. Kind of a failsafe for when enemies clip through things and get lost. It happens at the end of a wave when there are but a few enemies remaining.