There should be a better way to farm bosses in Coop

Having to exit and reinvite each time is tedious and discourages farming in a group.


just do it separately, save ur time

I know, but part of the point of the thread is to point out how silly that is.


You could come up with a farming route that incorporates multiple minibosses. But I agree, I’m not a fan of the system either.

Another thing they could do is incentivize doing the replayable arenas more (say, have random minibosses show up in slaughters and proving grounds).

How hard would it be to take your team with you to the title screen? My group just didn’t farm bosses together, between us there was too good a chance 1 of our xboxes (we all use an X) would crash trying to reconnect to each other so we didn’t bother

Maybe have the final round of the slaughters be repeatable so you didn’t have to work through the first four waves every time? I liked that aspect of the ones in the BL2 DLCs; really not sure why they didn’t keep that feature.


Yeah im sure theres a few forum post of ppl doing the whole thing Cistern of slaughter with 0 leggos in mayhem.

Yes please this feature of the game sucks so much.

When farming is 95% of end game content this should be streamlined af.

That would help, yes, but I think the pain point is around dedicated drops. There’s stuff that only drops from x miniboss, so if you want that gun, you’re gonna farm that miniboss, and the only way to do that currently is savequit-kill-savequit-kill.
If there was a way to access to those guns in the events that are actually designed to be repeatable and played at the endgame, I think it would improve the experience.
So that’s why I suggested the minibosses (and their dedicated loot) showing up in proving grounds and slaughters, as a way to give a chance at more guns than the “standard” world drops. I think I speak for most of us at this point when I say I have plenty of Monocles and ASMDs, thanks.

In general, I think the Cartel event is onto something pretty cool with the idea of having different enemies every time. I think Destiny 2 has a thing like that, I know Torchlight 2 has randomized dungeon layouts and enemies at the endgame… Make new proving grounds like that. A few level chunks that can be configured in a handful of ways, different enemies each time, and the elites are named bosses with dedicated loot.

Shouldn’t be too hard to allow fast travel reset like in VIP Tower or a boundry line like in Scraptrap to reset a boss arena. I can’t think of any boss where that would cause a problem.

It would be nice if there was a way to reload a boss without save/quitting. Both for coop and console sake. It’s especially a pain on maps with a long loading time. Ya, know, like Eista who still doesn’t drop on level gear.

I have said this for a long time. When you save quit, there should be an option to keep your party together or disband group.

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This has been brought up before by other forum members,I would love to farm one specific boss with a group without having to disband every time,other members have suggested a pedestal button to reset the boss which would save reload times and regrouping,I have been a save quit farmer for years and imo it’s time has past,it also maybe to late to implement this time and it’s one of those quality of life issues Gbx can address for future Borderlands games.

Yeah… I’ve done the COV CoS six times and never finished it. My ps4 has crashed during the 5th round every time. This is keeping me from getting my platinum, and it’s quite frustrating. They really need to go back to having each round be its own mission. This is ridiculous.

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5th round with all that loot on the ground, modifiers, anointed, and the occasional badass spam is pain to play in, even on pc :nauseated_face:

i didn’t see any game didn’t use the same way to farm in a mission,

the division, Anthem… etc.

if u like to play coop( two only XD XD), keep play mission to mission to wait the boss respawn. all game used the same way. i didn’t know what this game would have different? or u can play arena, it can keep farming as large as u can.

i think log out and log in is a faster way to give u guys to farm in the game, u should thank for that, or u will not be able to keep farming on boss.

ur complaint basically isn’t reasonable

No, I don’t think it is unreasonable. The way to farm in Borderlands is to kill a boss if you’re after a specific drop of theirs and then exit game and reload. It’s been this way forever in Borderlands.

So there should have been a way to make it so parties don’t disband automatically when you exit, you can stay grouped up and reload the game. I’m not a game designer or programmer, but it just seems to me like there should be a better way to do it, because as it is farming is best done by yourself and Borderlands likes to encourage playing together with other people because it’s generally more fun.

Sorta like with Tam and Xam when you fast travel the boss should respawn. If my team wants to farm Katagawa Jr we should just kill, fast travel to the station and drop in to kill him again.


Yeah, that would be nice, fast travel to another area should respawn. Still a little less efficient than exit and re-enter to farm the boss you want though, since this post started because when farming you want to cut out as much time as possible to be efficient, specially in this game with it’s dedicated drop rates, annointments, variations of weapons etc.

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For many bosses there is a fast travel station right outside the arena.

I think a general QOL improvement should be a fast travel station for all bosses that are as close as practical to the arena (Also with vending machines) so that the fast travel pretty much enables immediate refarming.