There should be an assist for minion kills in score board

as title said either have a slot for assist in minion kills or give everyone that dealt damage to the minion kill a point also.

many times poeple are working as a group to kill or a miko healing as the attacker kills the minions

Agreed. As I main Mellka and she is a DoT type character, I would like to be able to see those minion assists as I hardly get the kill for myself.

They are updating the way scoring is done. So in one of the upcoming patches we will see an improved scoring system that should reflect all we do in the game.

not talking about the score here, this is to add somthing like minion assist kills to the Score *Board

Minion kills are already on the score board. The updated scoring system will probably give points to minion kills as well on the score board. They havn’t announced the changes but said it would be improved and not just based on Kills and Assists.

this is for an assist minion kill* like how miko gets an assist if he is healing a teammate and they kill a player.

example miko healing a teammate and there killing minions he should get a assist minion kill