There should be an OP that makes it Possible to get all Legendaries from the Main Story's Mid and End Bosses

Henchman and The Thrall Supervisior can appear in the OP Mike Vs. The Battleschool, they can also drop a Legendary (but I think only the one for playing on Normal)

Anyways… Heliophage could have been a good source of Loot, if the Boss Rush would give you the loot, especially if that included the chance fir the Legendaries.

I don’t care if it’s gonna be a whole new mode, an OP or even an overhaul to the Heliophage… but I want a better way to get these Legendaries rather than spending at least half an hour for one Green Gear.

I hope there is something already underway.


…They know this and it’s been a hot topic since May.
Thing is it isn’t easy for them to push redesign and I don’t think they have a desire to fix Helio.
That map has major potential.

Heliophage could indeed be the best legi farm map.


This reminds me of the early destiny complaints. Run the high level raid yet only got a few shards!

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I see merit in Heliophage farming, makes it worth the trouble.

Not so sure I like how rendain disappears when killed. His loot too, get no time to grab it.

I am not in favor of adding a farming OP…

Unless they can’t fix the Heliophage and would prefer to add a boss gauntlet like in borderlands or something.

I’d even pay for that DLC beyond season pass.

That and Nova.

Robot Suit?!?!

Sorry off topic…


If they don’t desire it to be changed, we need to keep nagging until they do the change :wink:

Well seriously, if Rendain would have A lootsplosion like certain enemies from Borderlands, I wouldn’t say a word that I have to kill all the Bosses before I get to kill Rendain.

But he regularly drops one green gear. And thats not cool. If ANY of the games bosses should be prohibited to only drop one Green Gear, it is certainly that one.

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I helped someone from the Steam forums this morning with Helio and as usual got trash for gear.
Things are skewed now since you can spend 17 minutes in the Mike dlc and get great gear.

You still pick up any gear and coins that Rendain drops, regardless if you actually walk over it to pick it up or not. It’ll be awarded once the mission is complete. The bonus score is the only pickup that you need to rush to grab, because those will disappear.

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Off topic, but what about gears in chests? Do you know if you actually have to pick then up to get them at the end of a mission, or can you ignore them and get the loot anyway?

I’ll have to test this, but I don’t think it works the same way. I think gear from chests, you’ll have to pick up.

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Oscar Mike’s corrider shooter, is essentially a loot run.

Not for legendaries per say, but as damn close as we’re going to get.

Also, of all the Legendaries we can attain why choose the ones, that have a guaranteed chance rate?

I’d much rather it be the ellusive loot pack legendaries, if we’re asking me.

-Not only are there a ■■■■ ton (which makes the pool that much larger, when you’re after a certain one)

-The high chance it’s flawed (forcing you back in to the lottery ticket dive)

-The unreliable access (Outside of Legendary packs, which I’d like to say suck also, as they have a good chance of gifting endless repeats… 2/4s of all my diamond run packs gifted me with flawed borrowed timers…yippy)

-The credit investment (Unlike story runs that cost only time, Loot packs cost time and in-store currency which requires replenishing)

In short, they’re infuriating to get. Even more infuriating when you get a spell of repeats, and maddening when you do finally get what you want, it’s one of the lowest possible rolls.

I think I made my piece… So, let’s do that. Story legendaries are given out like candy in comparison.

Opening Boxes is enough… I checked that.

It’s easy if you count the ones in the OP, look whats in the boxes and check it out… it added them, so if you don’t care for Bonus Lives and Helix Points you could just shoot at the boxes all the time without grabbing the Gear.


That’s good to know, could be a great help to speed runs.

Thanks for that info.

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