There should be common courtesy online

Hell if you don’t really need it pass on it don’t just spam the hell out of pick up button I wish there was a system to roll for rare loot like in MMO’s it needed this back when it was on the old gen systems. I LOVE co-op but who the heck wants to play with idiots who will just grab every single item in the game and literally go piss off I don’t CARE what you need even though you are helping me. This games Co-Op is dead next gen before it even started I want people to play with but I wont suffer trolls who just run around grabbing every single piece of gear even if they can’t use it and those of you who do suffer those trolls are the reason the Co-Op is dead already sigh to bad missed chance to stop the ■■■■■■■■ from spamming Square Gearbox great game other wise.

The online section of this forum is worth a look for cooperative players.