There should be either a free or paid borderlands 1 dlc for the handsome collection

does anyone else want borderlands 1 to be on the handsome collection because it should be it would be a great way and it could be a dlc if they had a problem with making it now gearbox should totally do that because i can experience it all again

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It’s too late now it’s not like they can add it a week before release of the Handsome collection also BL1 runs on a different engine than BL2 and TPS

still they could try and make it a dlc or something in the future

I believe there’s strong opinion that BL1 may be getting it’s own remaster though


i really hope it does

Just go play the game if you want to experience it. They will not be making Borderlands 1 DLC, they may remaster it. Be happy with what you have at the moment, I’m sure the Claptastic DLC will bring you many many hours.

Have a good day sir.

Mr. Pitchford said at a recent PAX that a remaster for Borderlands 1 may be considered depending on how the Handsome Collection sells.

So lets hope for the sake of all of us who want a remastered Borderlands 1, that it sells well.


I think Handsome Collection will sell great :smiley:
There will also be new ppl coming to Borderlands because of that, so bl sections of forums will hopefully be alive again :smiley:

Personally I think it’s already in the works,just a feeling same feeling I had that all content for TPS would be out by spring

Im so hoping for a remastered BL1 myself, already preordered handsome collection, my contribution to sales, but really would like the first one, lets hope its being done

I’d just like to add I’m like 90 % sure bl2 had the same engine as bl1 but quite heavily modified. Also, what kitty said.

Both run off Unreal Engine 3.

Ill just buy the dlcs for each if remasted bl1 comes out ill get it why not

all three of them run Unreal engine 3


I’m right there with you.