I didnt know there was a tournament! There was nothing on the ingame news about that! Now I’m locked out of even MORE content?! (STill mad I can’t get the Deluxe edition taunts at all)

Where did you find this info? Please source

hearing about it from other people in game. a pendles cyberskin or something like that.

The pendals skin is a silver one I think. Shift code. Check that forum

There was a Galilea cyber skin, the code wasstill working.

Yeah, when people in the community sign up for a team on a third party unofficial tournament organizer, they occasionally gift limitedly exclusive skins (they will be released for everyone soon)

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*Limited time exclusives…Chill.

also, theyve been giving out those skins for every tournament theyve held. so youre about 6 months behind.

i try to advertise the tournaments everywhere (its on these forums too) but sadly i cant get everyone. spread the word!


The tournament in question was widely promoted as well, and I don´t think some Cyber-skins are worth the anger. Sooner or later they´ll release this skins for us all.

I think its great that GBX cooperates with tournament organizing groups in this way and provide prizes. Just shows that they care for a competitive scene as well.
And making these prize-skins only temporarily exclusive is a very fair compromise, since we others just have to wait a bit.


oh okay i didnt realize they were only limited exclusives. i thought it was gonna be like the deluxe edition content again (i’m not willing rebuy the entire game for 70 just to get some skins and taunts haha)

It was pretty well broadcast. Here, reddit. Heck, Gearbox created a PS4 event so every PS4 Battleborn owner could be informed.

Well, I felt that implied that it was unlockable for only a limited time, not that it was exclusive then will be made available

Yeahhhh… accidentally responded to tone of OP. Sorry OP

Gearbox promoted it on social media (Twitter, Reddit, Discord) and announced the HGL tournament and the Choctaw $ tournament in their Battleplan. It was not shown in-game, but it was virtually everywhere else.

I believe that @wintersjordan0 announced on Twitter and Reddit that the Cyber Pendles Skin would be an award for all participants, and that 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams would win loot packs. Battleplan 36 lists a link to a section of the Battleborn website where people can apply to have their organized tournaments sponsored by Gearbox ( The “VIP Support” is guaranteed if six teams are confirmed for the tournament. There was a forum post as well announcing the tournament and providing links to each of the platform’s Battlefy tournament pages.

Perhaps, if a week before each tournament, the programmers added one of those pop-up pages announcing the new Battleplan, or new Mode, but for the upcoming tournament, then more people would participate. It certainly couldn’t hurt to get the word out even more.


Ease my pain gearbox! I ran out of bandwidth for this month so i wasnt able to share it through the usual chat channels. ;_;

ah. I’ve never been on Reddit, and don’t check ps4 events (play a lot of games, so I get a LOT of popup notices, don’t check em all, its like spam at this point).

Curious why it wasn’t simply in the front page news in the actual in-game thing that pops up to tell you battleplans and other announcements, I would’ve seen it then.