There were 8 raid bosses in BL2 by this time after the games release

Terramorphous The Invincible
Vermivorous The Invincible
Master Gee The Invincible
Hyperius The Invincible
Pyro Pete The Invincible
Voracidous The Invincible
Dexiduous The Invincible
Ancient Dragons of Destruction

The Son of Crawmerax The Invincible - Added later

Haderax The Invincible - Added waaaay later

Other endgame content:
-The Beatdown Bar Brawl (torgue token farm/easy leveling up)
-Raid on Digistruct Peak (Introduced OP levels and Pearlescents)
-The Magic Slaughter (Only place to farm the Ogre)

There are a total of two raids for a total of 4 boss fights, which are very easy and pose no challenge when compared to any of the boss fights in BL2.

I would be more content with the current raid bosses if their designated drops were more worthwhile to farm for. Currently, they aren’t worthwhile whatsoever with the exception of the spiritual driver, tigg’s boom, or maybe stinger shield.

This issue needs to be addressed for the overall health of the end game and more raid bosses, even BL2 style raid bosses, should be added very soon if Gearbox wants this game to thrive. I would recommend adding in a multiplicity of raid bosses in the next DLC. If there aren’t any, this game will be in trouble. Please take this into consideration Gearbox! The community cares about this game and want it to be as good as possible.


Yeah they really failed on Borderlands 3
Can’t even give them a “at least you tried” award


I’m still holding out hope! I play the game frequently but I burn out far more often because of the lack of endgame content. Let’s hope they can address these issues in the coming months/years, but if not, I will always have BL2 to return to :slight_smile:

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I disagree on the lack of end game content for BL3. It is just different from the options for BL2.

We have:
2 takedowns, with 2 difficulty tiers
5 trials
3 circles of slaughter
1 alternate “game” with arms race

While it isn’t necessarily what some, maybe a lot of people were looking for with end game content, if you are going by quantity, there is more in BL3, given the same period of time.

I also don’t necessarily agree with you on the difficulty either. Yeah, the content gets easier as new exploits, gear combos, and new gear introduced in general, but I don’t really see this as being any different figuring out how to solo the raids in BL2 (with the exception of Pete, there wasn’t much figuring out there).

All that being said, I have a feeling there will be additional takedowns, and maybe a traditional raid boss along the way as well.

It seems to me, the methodology with this game was to try new things, gather feedback along the way, then try new things again. I’m sure a lot of people (especially if you go by the boards) are not psyched on this, but it is what it is, and have given us some interesting things to play.

End game in BL2 was fight or farm. End game in BL3 is similar, there are just more varied avenues to go down depending on taste.



There’s nothing challenging once you reach mayhem 11 and have a halfway decent build. Or just have a plasma coil.

I’m not going to argue against that. Haven’t picked up a coil yet, but I am aware of what it can do. That being said, BL2 wasn’t without its exploits and gear interactions that made the raids just as easy. There are the tropes of try a more challenging setup/gear or whatever, but that’s silly. If your jam is to annihilate everything, you can do that. If you want to experiment and do something off-meta, then you can do that as well. The difficulty argument is subjective, when it comes down to it.

When it comes down to it, I feel you. There are really no traditional raid bosses in this game, and enemy scaling is a little wonky depending on DLC/activity. For example, Guardian Takedown enemies are way meatier than their counterparts in the Maliwan Takedown. I can see gripes for not having a terra/vemi/ect as well. That’s totally fair. To say there is nothing challenging, is however, not. Like in BL2, some of that challenge is on the player.


I think traditional raid bosses would be the only thing that would add new life to the game.
If executed correctly, and with sufficiently enticing drops, traditional Raid Bosses could save BL3.

Wonder how hard it is to make a Raid Boss and its accompanying arena and fight mechanics?


Ehhh I crap on this game alot but, I will say the endgame is fine. If they really cared about the health of the game raid bosses aren’t the answer. Imo If they really card about the game’s health they would stop releasing content and focus on ironing out all the bugs the game currently has, and rounding out its edges like the clutter of the anointment pool, giving a easy way to farm bosses, actually sitting down and tackling the balance that they are obsessed with, add bank management etc. You know really improve the user experience. I doubt they ever will do that because they gota keep pumping out new content because 1 brings more money then the other.


I loved the exploits, for the record. I actually posted another thread about that earlier :slight_smile:

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I dunno, I never liked them. Always preferred mobbing+badass enemies. Curious what poll results would be if all players were asked, not just forumgoers.
Anyway, if you ask me, I’d want Proving Grounds and Slaughter Circles to be expanded upon.


Are proving grounds even worthwhile? I played them early on but soon lost interest after realizing there wasn’t that much good loot at the end of them.

No, not really, that’s one of the reasons why I want them expanded upon. A simple improvement of their loot pool would already go a long way. Make the Fallen Guardian spawn along with a random named badass or something.
If Proving Grounds were made worthwhile, I’d be much happier with that than raidbosses.


I guess, but the quality of the takedowns is beyond any of BL2’s raid bosses. I’ll do guardian takedown over gee, dexi, or vorac any day of my goddamn life


CoS are boring AF and due to powercreep are a cakewalk… Hell, everything end game in BL3 is a cakewalk…

GTD is pretty much impossible for solo players because a mechanic focused on co-op…

Everyone playing said endgame is blasting through TMTD because there’s nothing else that even poses a challenge… And even that’s easy AF

And arms race is a joke… It’s a lame attempt at fixing everything wrong with the main game and its focus on legendary (making everything else absolete)

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yeah man we all miss bee hawking healthgating simulator unavoidable novs raid bosses sure sure


game will feel more difficult if gearbox just takes anointed dmg bonuses and reduces them to 25% instead of 100-200



  • fix anointments
  • I would suggest making mayhem modifiers selectable across the whole mayhem selection (M1 with all mods or no mods let people chose)
  • remove weapon scaling
  • balance ALL weapons and not just legendaries

When this is done,

  • create a slaughter shaft for all the S1 DLC’s (please make them bigger… BL2 size)

  • Add raid boss to every S1 DLC

  • Make arms race actually worth the money

People would buy the season passes in a heartbeat…


A lot of players agree that more challenging raid boss content is needed. Since the beginning of BL3, threads calling for better or more raid boss content have littered this forum. GB has ignored all of those requests and irritated a good portion of their fan base. Currently, GB has set up raid bosses so that you need to play for 20+ minutes before you get to fight one and if you die, you need to play another 20+ minutes to fight that same raid boss again. Having a couple like that might be good for diversity, but only have the takedowns is really poor design.

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Not impossible for Amara players :slight_smile: TTB goes a looong way in TGD.

I’m sort of 50/50 on arms race. I like the idea of it but at the same time, it feels like a tediore or legendary are necessary for having fun in it. Other guns feel abysmal and make it much more tedious than anything.

With the exception of bossing, I didn’t find any need to use the grog/beehawk/shamfleet for 90% of content in BL2.

I’m not saying that I want to return to that point, but let’s be honest, skills like sustainment make characters like Amara pretty braindead to play. At least you had to switch weapons every once in a while in BL2.

They definitely need to work on balancing though, you’re right.

I’m going to update my OP to include the raid on digistruct peak, beatdown bar brawl, and magic slaughter.