There's a glitch in the Miketrix

As Foxtrot I didn’t mind but how did this happen

Were you playing on consoles?

Yeppers Xbox

Idk about xbone but on PS4 if you want you can run an entire team of the same character if you really want to. The only time you can’t is in private matches if the host selects “unique characters” meaning no dups. But I haven’t seen this feature implimented in vs or online coop. I personally think it should always be active.

If you let the game choose your character by running the timer down, you can end up with dupes on the rare occasion.

Time didn’t run down though everyone picked fairly quick
I THINK that maybe those guys were both just “THAT” quick to pick Mike lol

I’ve had two matches where there were 2 Oscar mikes on the enemy team. I play on ps4. They weren’t private matches, regular matchmaking. Not sure of the cause but definitely a glitch of some kind.

It is not a glitch it is an intentional game design to allow multiple of the same character (see my previous comment) the only way to stop this is a private match and selecting (unique characters) with the feedback I am sure they have received about this I am sure there will be a function implemented to stop dup characters on the same game. I think the reasoning behind doing it was to allow anyone to be able to play a character they enjoy no matter if they are selected because if you only have the original unlocks but don’t enjoy playing any of the characters than Oscar Mike they want you to be comfortable playing who you enjoy (this would help with two issues)

  1. People will play better as their main and won’t be demoralized about missing out and therefore the battle maybe (maybe) more competitive

  2. People will be more likely to stay in the game. Because if you are great with Mike but get stuck with someone else you don’t care to play with and you start the game off bad, you will be more inclined to either quit the game or request surrender (the worst just quitting because it puts their team at a disadvantage)

I am sure this is the reasoning for this but I can be wrong I am sure a moderator would be able to shine a bit more light on this, but I can see why they would allow it.

Do you know if I am right in my assumption @Giuvito?

I cannot speak as to developer reasoning, but I believe @michaeljwelch21 may have it quite close as to what I assume it was.

But I certainly don’t believe it is a glitch. There are ways to get two of the same on certain modes which do not qualify as glitches.

On Xbox for non private online matches you can NOT pick multiple of the same character
That’s why this is weird lol

Hmm the only think I can think of then is random chance because someone selected character and another selected random and caught it.