There's a special purgatory just for me, and it's looking for the last ops point while stoned

I swear I’ve checked everywhere, it’s like Adventure, “you are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike”


Ah… I member that game. Good times…

Me? I can’t find ops points to save my life; it’s ALWAYS the other guys on my team…

If there’s one thing Gearbox understands (as well as how to make good female characters… MOST of the time :stuck_out_tongue:) it’s the sublime joy and utter pain of opening boxes. On one level it’s frustration exemplified and on another it’s like Christmas. Battleborn has me turfing through coffins now. I am lost.

I swear the OPS are bugged to be missing an ops point every now and then, I have given up three times in the ops stuck at 99 out of 100. And all three times I was in a team and we searched every inch of the place and never found the last chest.

Every time it seems

I’ve only found all 100 once out of 5 or 6 times.

I use this map and have never missed a chest.

Check it one more time to ensure you know every chest marked here:

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…then you run out of time during the boss fight : (

Took me awhile to find them all but now I know where all the spawn spots are.

You probably are missing the one right at the start, to the left and behind the boxes.

No I always check that one first, Also I have found one not listed on the map provided by @maskerader That is located in the area after you defend the point. I found a chest located by the shard in the back that had an ops point. I have ran the mission about 15 times and have only missed 1 chest on three missions where my team and I went back to the starting area and overlapped our search so every inch of the place was double or triple checked and couldn’t find the chest. I have memorized the more common ones that are missed but the one in the starting area is one I have never missed.

Yup I learned the spawn spots as well. And always kept in mind that the first area has 5-7 in chests. Just make sure you look for the chest in the very very beginning. Just in case that one did spawn as well.

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This is how I divide those chests into several clusters to easier memorize which ones I checked and which ones not yet.

Pretty sure you mix something. I had many runs at 100 OPs and never seen an OP chest that was not located on that map. If you find it once more, would you make a screenshot?

Yep, If i see it again I’ll screenshot.

My typical route for the first area is 1->20->jammer->6->8->9->10->11->5->4->jammer->7->3->2. I’ll do the objective somewhere between starting and the second jammer, and 7,3, and 2 are done while the cutscene runs.

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You know the devs make a big joke about, um, Gear Boxes :smile:

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Ha! Ha! Ha!

I’m probably the only person (with good reason) who noticed this hilarious visual gag to that effect hidden away in Half Life: Blue Shift.



There was also a steam and valve joke they made in blue shift iirc

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So punny :dukefp: