There's been a Maytastrophe on Digistruct Peak!

I can’t believe it’s true, but it took Maytastrophe until the unlock for OP7 to hit what feels like a large skag shaped wall. Her build:

The single points are for the Leg Siren com she usually wears, in the pic she’s wearing a Leg Binder. She’s packing a slag Dahl surgical sniper, a Hard Harold, an imperfect (stoic w/bandit stock) corrosive Sandhawk, a corrosive Facetime, and a longbow explosive singularity. Usually wears a Neogenator, also has an Antagonist, Big Boom Blaster, and Bee (all OP6). Has Bones in all flavors, a Leg Cat com, on level Practicable Butcher and Hellfire, OP5 Hammer Buster, OP4 Infinity (NE), slag Rubi, Longbow Bonus Package and slag transfusion, and a Fireball for nade regen. I like thoughtlock, but wonder if I should spec out of it for the peak. The other question I’ve been asking myself is whether I should build around one com for the purpose of climbing the peak, and if so which one. Ideas, thoughts, suggestions are always appreciated.


I love your non-standard weapon selection. I would build around one COM, but would start with ‘weaker but more fun’ COMs and work my way up to stronger ones until I was incapable of proceeding, or I finished the level.


Thank you. I consider that high praise from the Maligned Gear Maestro. :blush: I’ve just been using what works, and this kit has taken me this far, which I did not expect. Of the coms that I have, I think I have a mirrored trickster I didn’t mention in the op, which do you think would be more advantageous on the peak? Also, I am curious about your opinion on my build. Do you think thoughtlock is more or less helpful than a subsequence build, or do you think I’d be better off in a different direction altogether?


While I thoroughly enjoy the use of both Thoughtlock and Subsequence in regular gameplay, I spec out of them for the Peak. Thoughtlock can have some nice applications against Scorches, Black Queens, and Assassins, but it can also make enemies like Surveyors a lot more annoying. Surveyors are also the reason I spec out of Subsequence; that little purple ball will spend more time chasing them around than actually attaching to enemies.

My best advice for Dookie’s Mom is to pack a Lady Fist for when she’s not shot callin’ and shockballin’, and a Chain Lightning (Storm Front also works nicely here)/Rubi for when she is (or go pick up a Grog). She’s probably the toughest part of the entire climb to OP7, so if you can get her down, you should be in pretty good shape moving forward (that’s not to say you don’t still have to play smart).


By this point in the peak, I personally would be standing on the Legendary Siren or Legendary Binder… OP6, 7, and 8 are notoriously difficult. A Mirrored Trickster is a very fun COM, but those enemies will be throwing splash, elements, and melee attacks, none of which Kinetic Reflection shrugs off.

I would put those points in Kinetic Reflection somewhere else… probably take a point out of Blight Phoenix to put 5 in Sub Sequence.

I think if you get five points in Sub Sequence, this build will be fine. Some people may make a point that you should put the points from Helios/Blight Phoenix into Immolate, but Cloud Kill, Chain Reaction, Reaper, and Ruin are the main points over there.

Thoughtlock without Sub Sequence seems… wasteful? If you haven’t done those together, I think you’re in for a treat. A number of the enemies here are melee based, so once you Thoughtlock something (where Converge will draw them close to each other to start), these enemies will all dive on the local enemy on their own. Chain Reaction will have easy hits (since everything is so close together), Cloud Kill will hit multiple enemies, anything you throw at the mob will splash onto everyone else, and they’ll also be ignoring you.

If the main target dies, Sub Sequence will get a quick and easy reacquisition, re-Converging them and re-Slagging them (and Helios if you keep that). If you go this route, I might go with a Legendary Binder COM for the Suspension buff.

For Fights with Dukino’s Mom, it won’t help much other than applying Ruin (I’m still not sure if she can be slagged?). If you Thoughtlock one of the midgets, she’ll waste them pretty quickly, and they’re handy to keep around for Second Winds anyway.

edit - plus you can recruit a Surveyor to heal you if things get rough.


I enjoy Thoughtlock on the Peak, but I tend to go the safe route for climbing. I use the Leg Siren for the mixed parts of the map ; Leg Binder for foes like 2xScorch and 2xBlack Queen ( that extra Suspension along with the COM’s other boosts is just too good ) ; and the Leg Cat for D’s Ma , Saturn and OMG.

This is my Peak-only build ( although Sweet Release and Mind’s Eye points get moved left & right depending on which COM I’m using most of ).

I just go for maximum cooldown for quick PL, kill, repeat. One point in KR does wonders - any more is wasteful. And I like that point in Blight Phoenix for irrelevant reasons. Also Ward is a much better skill than Accelerate .


I’ve actually never used sub-sequence at all, so that’s something I’ll try when I get back. Might take it for a spin in Tina’s DLC on the way to a Grog first to see how I feel about it.

@Jefe @farsight37

Your advices seem somewhat complimentary, so I’ll probably blend them a bit for a test drive as well, probably in the same place after I make it to Flamerock Refuge. I’ll probably get a lady fist first as long as the quest is available. What attributes do you think would be best?

I’m looking at a day or two away from Pandora, and I’ll still be collecting advice and info from any interested forum folk, but I’ll keep y’all posted as to my results when I get home again. Thanks all.


Handy thing to know is that just a grog nozzle and cloudkill alone will keep you alive through even a prolonged shock ball attack. So if she gives you trouble then grog, cloudkill plus a bonus package should get you through the shock dot and ball with enough breathing space for a mistake.

If you’re used to thoughtlock then keep it as the Assassins are much easier with it and the reduced heat while mobbing will help you to put out more damage. Surveyors would be the only reason not to go thoughtlock but if you have made it this far with thoughtlock you should be fine. I can’t vouch enough for the extra damage that immolate gives you, 1 in Blight Phoenix and 3 in immolate would be the minimum. Furthermore I’d pick a com and stick to it. If you want to go Binder then I’d probably recommend this.

Otherwise a Legendary Siren would lead me to go for Life Tap at minimum and possibly even scorn. A legendary Siren setup is definitely superior for surveyors but in the tough spots like Dukino’s and the Assassins the binders added Suspension Wreck and Thooughtlock will give you far more breathing space.

This would be what I’d go for with the Siren.


I always run what i call the solo version of derch’s twisted pimp build

Corrosive bone
Legendary siren/cat
Sandhawk(other dps guns since this build doesn’t really need slag or moxxie guns)

Any tanky shield with a bee for stuff like OMGWTH and dukino’s mom.

A grenade for damage or shield stripping


It’s always nice when someone tells you something you want to hear without prompting. Especially when it’s been echoed before just upthread ( thank you, @Adabiviak) Thoughtlock really helped Maya and I become good friends. I’m definitely going to get at least to the Mines of Avarice for a Grog, using that opportunity to try these different respecs that have been suggested. It’s a pretty unforgiving dlc, so I expect it will give me a good idea of how effective these tweaks are for me.

Would you believe that in all my time with Maytastrophe I’ve never checked out the Twisted Pimp? I know it works because I’ve seen it mentioned many times here on the forums. It’s a testament to Maya’s flexibility and capability that I’ve never had to do much research into her to get this far. I’ll be taking your version for a spin to see how I do with that.

If @Handsome_Dad is out there somewhere, I would like your input as well. Your “What did you do…” thread is how I entered the community, and huge in keeping me on Pandora. And your peak walkthrough is a big part of how I screwed up the courage to step foot on the peak in the first place, and gotten as far as I have (the community stepped up and helped me the rest of the way), so I’d like to hear your thoughts on my build/loadout if you’re still around.


The good thing with Maya is all these builds work. It’s a matter of which one you feel most proficient with.

Twisted Pimp is great, but I don’t personally like Scorn on the Peak - for others it works great ( including some of the best like Derch and HD ).

Thoughtlock is great with and without SS ( I prefer without ). If you are good at choosing your targets, you can definitely stick with it for the duration.

SS is viable on the Peak. One of the recent Peak Time Trials was completed using it. It takes some practice though to figure out how to deal with surveyors.

Picking one COM is a good idea - and that L Binder is perfect for TL. I like flipping COMs but it’s not really necessary.

In short, other than the odd point to be reallocated, you’re in good shape!

Edit : this was my TL build :


I’ve always identified as a casual player, and a mediocre one at that, so this statement really makes me blush a little. :blush: All of what you say here rings pretty true. Maytastrophe has been the toon that felt the most relaxed/comfortable on the peak for me.


OP7 is the hardest level in the peak due to fixed spawns of the worst and difficult spawns in the peak. Non-thoughlock Maya can breeze by it but a thoughlock Maya might have difficulty since most of the areas have those irritating surveyer spawns. You might need a Topneaa or a Norfleet to deal with them fast, otherwise just take it slow. :+1::+1:


I like it for the off-barrel quirkiness; the super-high-crit-but-difficult-to-aim-barrel and shotgun-barrel-with-a-Trickster are my favorite Fibbers, but I wouldn’t use either in the peak at those late levels. If you can actually keep that Bee up, the ricochet barrel does put out damage levels appropriate for that late game; shock or corrosive would be best, I think.

Surveyors are still vulnerable to Thoughtlock. If you have low health, they will fly over and heal you, where you can kill them once they top you off. If you’re not low on health, they will at least go into attack mode on the other enemies (or if you’re alone, they’ll go into idle mode for an easy shot).

If you have the time, take it to the Highlands Outwash and try it on the Loaders and Stalkers there. Sub Sequence is not infallible… when the Thought/Phaselocked target dies and the orb decides who’s next, it should pick whoever is nearest, and it cannot see cloaked Stalkers (not a problem on the Peak, but just so you know).

If Sub Sequence chooses an in-flight Surveyor, it will chase that thing until your timer runs out (it moves too slow to catch while in flight) which can be agonizingly long during combat. It’s manageable, especially if you use those singularity grenades to pre-Converge the enemies, so actual Converge pulls them into a relatively dense ball.


I’ve never actually used a fibber on any of my toons. It always seemed like too much hassle to get the right one (also, I’ve never figured out exactly which one is the right one). I never really got along with too many Hyperion armaments besides the shotties and a few smgs anyway. I usually take Uncle Teddy and give the plans to Una just to stick it to Hyperion. Down with the man and all that. I am practicing pre-Converging with singularities, and I’m getting there. Like my piano teacher always said, “practice practice practice.”

Topneaa most likely. I probably already have one of an appropriate level somewhere, and I hate running out of ammo (no Sham or patience to farm the bunker for one). I’m not up to farming Hyperius with any of my toons, although I think I’ll get there eventually, even if it’s just Salvester Pimperdurping him into oblivion.


I missed this - Ad mistook this for the Fibber ( which does in fact work great with a Bee, but that’s for another time ).

Lady Fists are an infuriating farm. 90% of them are non-elemental and/or prefix-less. That said, they are all pretty good. A matching grip is a huge boon for reload. If you happen to get a non-elemental with either fire rate ( Dynamic ) or damage ( Win-Win ) I would personally stop there. If you happen to get a corrosive with matching grip, same thing.

I think loaders and constructors are equally weak to all elements on their eye-crits so theoretically shock would be good too.


Ha! I totally did.

For a lady fist, I almost don’t care what the parts are myself.


My 2 cents +10 (have to account for inflation :smiley:):

I’d never run a Thoulghtlock build with my original Maya Liae Deathsot so I decided to give it a try for Dee Lightful- and of course, she’s now OP8. Main gear was InfiniBee, Slagga, GN and DPUH as the FFL weapon and Sheriff’s Badge as the relic. Support gear was Chain Lightning, The Transformer, Quasar, Storm Front and Avenger to regen SMG ammo. D’s Mom got corrosive Plasma Castor/Bee as I don’t farm for quest rewards at different OP levels- it’s either level 72 or OP8 (I will farm for a caustic Lyudmilla though). Best advice I can give is to not panic, think thru the upcoming enemies and make sure you actually have the gear equipped that you want to use. Good luck- I expect to see you at OP8 soon :+1:


has anyone mentioned a corrosive Hail? Cause I would recommend acquiring that for your Maytastrophe. :wink:

Scorn will take out the incoming missiles from Saturn. FYI… :smirk:

Alright, I’m starting a new Maya tonight! Lets see if I can catch up before you’re OP8? :grin:


yah, this is so true. painfully so… :persevere: