There's been a Maytastrophe on Digistruct Peak!

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I just checked out your video, new sub BTW, at least as far as the Doc Mercy area. I’ve never been confident in my ability to keep a Bee up, but maybe it would be worth it to try. You made quick work of D’s mom, would it slow it down much without the Cat com? Could I make up the difference with a Lady Fist? And if I was going to swap coms should I respec to the single point in Accelerate?


I always put a Bee in for Ds Ma ; and I’ve gotten good with predicting - and side stepping - incoming fire. So I can manage to keep it up ok.

The Lady Fist or Lyuda will do an admirable job against her with a Bee.

One tip I gave someone ages ago was put on the L Binder for the first half of her health for the Reaper bonus ; then swap to the Siren for the second half.

And yes, I think the one point in Accelerate is worth it if you think you’ll use the Siren.

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I don’t have any Lyudas in the OP levels, and I’ve been putting off beating my head against that wall, but I might give it a few knocks before I try again. I may do the com switch, first Binder then Siren (or maybe Cat, both buff Accelerate IIRC), so I’ll put that point in Accelerate. I’ve slowed down a bit to pack and plan a 70th birthday party for my mom, but I’ll be back in earnest soon.

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Three shots at unlocking OP7 this morning, now packing an OP5 Lyuda in addition to the rest of the gear. Beehawked for the first time, also wore the Leg Cat for the first time. D’s mom almost caught a bad one the first time, maybe a quarter of an inch left on her health bar before I got electro beamed into nothingness. Second shot I got cocky with the Scorches, so that’s on me. Third time D’s mom came out the gate with shock ball spam. But I’m feeling good about this, I think I’ve got it next time.

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And I definitely did. D’s mom can suck it! Got the pacing and spacing right so she never served me the spam. Once she went down the rest of the dominoes followed suit. One of the Scorches dropped a Hellfire that wasn’t as good as the one she carries now, but nothing else remarkable happened. OP7 today. :sunglasses: Next stop, OP8.

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I got MyDahl to level 58 yesterday. I’m gunning for level cap! :sunglasses: Not OP8 yet? So, there’s still a chance…? lol

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Of course there’s a chance. I’m a slow ass. :wink:

Seriously though, I got sidelined in my way back machine. I did two PT1s in BL (Maya and Roland), and I pushed three Vault Hunters through normal on Elpis (Claptrap, Nisha, and Aurelia). Came back to Pandora for @Psymonkee’s challenge and started a new Axton so I could complete all of the sidequests I was skipping. After I complete normal with this Axton I’ll be back on the peak, so you’ve got a few days. :grin:

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If I can manage to get on everyday, I might catch ya! :wink:

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update: Been ill lately, haven’t popped in here in the past couple of days. haven’t played much either. I’m currently at level 61. long ways to go. :sweat_smile:

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The like is because I like seeing you pop up in my threads, not because I I am a fan of you being under the weather. I wish there was a button for “Thank you, come again.” :grin:

And you’ve still got time. I probably won’t be on the peak again until next week.

@Kurtdawg13 You’ve got time. Probably a bunch of it. I need to learn how to Maya again. Hit the peak today and got tossed twice, hard, by the (Scorch×2) + (Surveyor×4) polynomial of pain.