There's gonna be pre load for the pre order version?

I was thinking about the 48 hours pre load for the normal game and want to know if the 48 hours is for the normal borderlands 3 only or the pre order version gonna have a pre load too.

Pre-load is for any digital version. Those would have to be pre-order copies by definition since the game isn’t officially launched yet.

Today I was told at GameStop I won’t be able to collect my physical copy until 9:01 (21:00) central on Thursday 09/12/1919. That only gives me two hours to get home and download it not including the hour travel time time of I understand the BL3 game start map for the U.S.
If the whole game download is 40 gig it’ll take me too the 14th I guess.
Oh well waited this long what’s a couple more days.
I’ll be on here the 13 th reading about all you that for it up and running and on twitch watching various characters being played. Have fun y’all and loot an shoot!

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Thanks <3