There's no tech support section for BL1

There’s no tech support section for BL1, so I’ll just ask here then.

I bought BL1 back in December and started playing it. How do I get rid of the vertical black bars on the left and right sides of the screen? I was able to fix that for BL2, but I can’t find any settings that help me fix the problem for BL1. Am I stuck with them forever?

Are we talking console (XBox, PS3) or PC/Mac here?

I do wonder how can I get those bars back on PC, I already got used to them in BL2 and BLTPS, playing BL1 without them somehow makes me uncomfortable, anyway to get them back?

On your PC, can you set the game display size to something smaller than your screen size? It would be a bit like showing a 4:3 video on a 16:9 screen…

I don’t think I can. Comparing the video setting in BL2, BLTPS and BL1, while the resolution for both BL2 and BLTPS are “Undefined”, it is “1366x728” for BL1, and the other settings remain the same. So I suspected that it is the resolution that makes the difference. Because I once tried to change the resolutions in BL2 and BLTPS to “1366x728”, and they went full screen, but “Undefined” makes it 4:3.

Sorry, I should have indicated that in my OP. The version I’m talking about is on PC.

So it looks like the solution is for @Ryker61 and @cheukyi6 to swap systems, or at least swap settings? I guess one issue might be whether the game code detects the monitor capabilities and limits your video resolution options accordingly. What are you each using for screens and video connections (VGA, HDMI)?