There's obviously an issue with the game right now

An official response would be nice, there’s tons of people trying to play and no one can, would be nice to know that you guys are at least aware of the issue.

what issue are you having and how long have you had it?

Matchmaking keeps failing. Playing with 4 other friends all having the same problem. We all tried restarting routers, PS4, etc. All morning its been happening.

I think he’s referring to the issue players who have bought the game yesterday/today are having with geting in. cannot instal patch and as a result cannot get past title screen.

sounds like a PSN issue mate, trust me I’m salty about it but it’s increasingly likely its a PSN issue. Would be nice if Gearbox acknowledged the problem and advised us further cos you know PSN won’t :frowning:

It seems like it, but I’ve had all kinds of problems with this particular game for some reason. Lots of lag and connection issues but just with Battleborn for some reason.