These amazing map layouts

Whoever did the map designs for B3 seriously needs to be applauded. I’m still early into the game (22-ish) but I just finished doing all the stuff in Lectra City and that whole area just blew me away.
Usually, in previous Borderlands games there will be areas where you could grenade jump to cheese some areas or get to certain areas faster. Even in TPS there really wasn’t much to do with the zero gravity areas. Maybe get to a hidden boss by jumping. Maybe find a switch to butt stomp but those weren’t exactly very secretive. In this game though? Wow! Maybe I am just too happy with my new game but I could literally bypass tons of enemies if I wanted to just by carefully maneuvering through the buildings. I could even go underground via the tunnels and get from one side to the other. I set up a vantage point on a skyline and just sniped out 2 whole waves of enemies and their mini-boss. It felt so good.

The vertical-ness(?) of this game and finding out where you can climb is just extraordinary. I feel like I’m playing a version of Dying Light or Assassin’s Creed with all the options on how to go throughout the map but with a Borderlands twist. (I’ve also found some red chests that were very creatively placed. Like me having to drop off somewhere then grab onto a ledge. Real cool)


There are some really lovely zones, but quite a few need significantly more ammo dumps and fast travel stations.

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I haven’t come across one yet that got me as lost as Sandors Gorge did! So that’s a plus.

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Some parts of Eden-6 can be extremely mazey, especially the raised areas that can only be accessed through a single bridge from another raised area.

Reminds me of the old Thousand Needles from WoW.

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