These leaks about the game yet to be announced feel orchestrated

First of all true or not I am really enjoying the leaks that have appeared on YouTube as it is painting a pretty positive/amazing picture of BL3. We have heard quite a lot of potentially correct information about enough key elements of BL3 to paint a picture of what we are likely to get. It feels like this is a strategy Gearbox may have adopted to tell us about the game yet at the same time cover themselves if things change as they can always say they never actually promised us anything officially. All the “3” tweets we got from Randy Pitchford almost signalled the start of the following leaks. The fact that he has a drink called the Calypso Twins in the bar he owns almost certainly indicates he is in on the leaks. These are just my thoughts of course, but it has me engaged fully now and I am hyped to hear the official announcement.

[Edit] Orchestrated in the sense that we are getting all the key elements one by one…


that outline the framework of the game. The vault hunters, return of atlas, four new vehicle types, focus on vertical movement, melee weapons, multiple planets, weapon modding, the main protagonists, female bandits and so one.

Not me… that’s a dangerous game I don’t like to play (much less the sub game of trying to guess their intent from meta data). I don’t mind some speculation from official gameplay releases on occasion though.

I’m surprised nobody has made a post listing official announcements about BL3, with their guard up that it only include Gearbox-released info, leaving speculation to the subsequent posts. The parent post would slowly accumulate pieces over time, and everything below would be conversations thereon.

I haven’t actually seen nor read these Tweets. If someone has, would you care to post the contents here (or in an awesome new thread)?

Twitter :roll_eyes: :smile:

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