They literally buffed Experimental Munitions but didn't fix the text? GG

“they deals bonus Incendiary Damage.”

Text cells should be one of the simplest things to fix. This is hilarious while being pretty sad.

Edit: Yeah, patch wasn’t live yet. My Lob still fires three rounds. The terrible grammar and unchecked text cells in this game bug me so I was eager to laugh about it.

Edit again to laugh: Hot fix is live now, and I was right ahead of time. They did NOT fix the text for “They deals…” Again: Good going GearBox. Way to deliver a polished and completed game.

Hotfix hasn’t been rolled out yet. Normally hits in the afternoon EST.

This is the first time I’ve even seen patch notes before the patch was live for me.

I usually always see the notes on Facebook before it rolls out.

USA EST: Patch notes around 10-11, patch around 3ish.

They always release the notes early. Imo it’s a good idea so people know what’s coming.


I was still right. They didn’t fix it. “They does bonus incendiary damage…” is still there.

They also didn’t update the text for Security Bear at all. Still 50% and 5 seconds. That’s not an increase. I wish that I’d made a note for Behind the Iron Curtain, not sure if that was actually updated.

21% and 19%

They didn’t mean to change the skill in the first place. They updated three patch notes to remove the security bear changes.

That’s even worse. They can’t even give accurate patch notes.

I suppose that ruins the whole “Give you notes ahead of time so you know what to expect.”

The schadenfreude I get from this game is the best part now.

Security Bear: 60% of IB health with a recharge delay of 5 seconds. (20% bump)

Experimental Munitions: 15% damage of damage dealt as incendiary damage (50% bump)

BTIC: Maxes out at +33% recharge rate and -28% delay at 3/3 (~50% bump)

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They didn’t actually buff Security Bear. I was reading the original incorrect notes. If that buff is coming at all it will be in a later patch. Somewhat related, that’s a laughable increase and doesn’t change my thoughts to how unplanned and unpolished this game really has been.

They did update the text to reflect the new value in Experimental Munitions. They just couldn’t be bothered to remove one sad little ‘S’ from “they deals…”

The bubble shield never recharged before.

It’s always had a recharge delay of 5 seconds.

Oh, you’re right. Nevermind.

Iron Bear Cooldown: 100 secs by default instead of the original 120 secs

Iron Bear Fuel: i dont know how to test this, but now i can shot 13 rounds with the railgun instead of 12 rounds.

Looks like some healthy buffs overall, though nothing OP or game changing.

10% apparently is the fuel value increase.

-Also this should mean SSB fuel increase and DL fuel return should be indirectly buffed. Higher base fuel means greater returns.

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Thinking about the Experimental Munitions buff, it should actually be pretty tasty.
a) Most enemies in the game are flesh-based.
b) Stoke the Embers, if it works as I think it does, makes this skill deal approximately 20% extra incendiary damage per critical hit.
c) When you bring in such grenades as the Cloning Maddening Tracker benefitting from Pull the Holy Pin, Fire in the Skag Den and the Blast Master COM (adding further points to Pull the Holy Pin), you should see grenades proccing this a lot.
d) The Unforgiven. The Wedding Invitation. What are high crit weapons now capable of?

Moxsy’s most recent iteration of the Fire Hose Moze may need some adjustments.

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My main issue with survivability on Moze - outside two stages of Wotan on True Takedown - is self damage, not enemy damage. Mind Sweeper and Torgue Cross Promotion are downright dangerous. Mind Sweeper can often be dealt with by playing smart and having enough burst damage to take out fast moving melee enemies before they get to you, but is still a pain.

On an Anarchy build I was playing around with, I was regularly instantly downed as enemies shot the “shoot me” reload. This was pretty much unavoidable, short of using a different weapon. I ultimately resorted to using a shock Anarchy and a Transformer, but what I wouldn’t give for a skill that gives immunity to self-splash damage…

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