They messed up mellka, here's how I'd fix her

1 restore the damage her venom to somewhere in between where it is now and where it was
2 increase its duration by enough so that the overall damage of a single hit of venom is only a bit below where it was
3 turn her melee into a three hit combo
4 increase the damage of her melee but only when hitting a envenomed target
5 the final hit of her combo should still knock enemies up and away but also deal extra bonus damage to venomed enemies, this will make it so that properly cycling ranged and melee will reward you.

Idk… I think they should just make venom stronger and a tad longer. 6 seconds?
And I think they should reduce her base DPS. I think Mellka should rely more on hitting those venom canisters, and Spike.

And just… Idk what they should do with her melee. Maybe they should just replace her melee combo with the knockback elbow, so her secondary just is a knockback.

Ah, lowering the need for constant aim. Technically lowering skill ceiling. (Yes please, I can’t always aim well. With Orendi all I need to do is to know where everyone is at all times and where they’re goinf, which is much easier and doesn’t take CoD skills this game is known for not always needing)

It’s harder to hit the canisters than to shoot people. ESPECIALLY with aim-assist. I think this won’5 lower the skill ceiling.

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Oh, maybe it’s because I prefer projectiles, but I’ve always found the opposite. Yay?

Pardon me, but I could swear her alternate melee already is a 3 hit combo (claw, gun smash, elbow or something like that). You can also follow 2 hit combo with slide.

Her current melee combo is a six hit attack chain which doesn’t feel quite right, a three hit would be more effective

It takes a second to jump into the dojo and disprove this. The last thing Mell needs is further disinformation and outright inaccuracy.

My fix suggestion for GBX is to revert the change, think of ways to rework her (and why), then come back and talk to us about it.



  • Mellka’s poison should go back to eight seconds, but deals a percentage of the opponent’s total health regardless, say 3 - 5%. This makes it equally dangerous to all characters, and makes her matter to tanks without obliterating supports instantly (which I think is GBX’s main concern).

  • Mellka’s melee should stay at its current DPS, but landing the final hit of the melee combo should “consume” any active poison debuff and inflict twice its total damage as a bonus. This gives an actual reason for a melee finisher, and interacts with the poison debuff synergistically.

  • Mellka’s poison canister only pops if her clip is completely empty. This prevents the canister spam GBX seems to be so averse to, and encourages ammo management as a cornerstone of Mellka play. It might even make her legendary matter, though I doubt it.

Helix Edits

Level 2: Spike Vault -> Volley Slam

Spike deals up to 100% more damage based on how long Mellka has been airborne before activating Spike. This would let you pop Claw and Stall and finish with a souped-up Spike, offering an alternate playstyle.

Altitude Sickness -> Cracking Heads

After activating Spike, damage dealt by Mellka is increased by 30% until she lands. More combo power, and also probably lots of fun. I know Drool loves Air Stalling people in the face.

Level 4

Blade Ejection -> Talk To The Hand

Claw Lunge deals +60 additional damage if it hits a poisoned opponent. No additional animation. If you commit, you should get a reward.

Action reload -> Whoops

Activating Claw Lunge reloads Mellka’s pistol, dropping a canister where she was standing upon activation. I don’t know why it didn’t do this originally.

Level 5

Adrenaline rush

Triple the healing given.

Level 6

Desperate Lunge

Decreases Claw’s cooldown by 50% on getting a kill, regardless of what you used for it. Commit for a kill? Get rewarded. It’s a simple formula for assassins.

Level 10

All In

Deals +10% total damage over base Blade Launcher. What’s the point in using it otherwise, if it doesn’t deal more damage and you have to give up homing shots to bet it all on one?

Suggestions welcome. I’m just getting a conversation started, so that, if as Dante said, GBX is listening and reading, they have ideas to work with.


Seems a bit excessive since that would include her ult as well. Blade Launcher has very high single target damage and can even land critical hits. I don’t think it should effect Blade Launcher if it gets implemented.

You mean 3 hit combo, or slide combo?
BTW Why would anyone complain about too many hit combo anyway?

Because a highly mobile character with an incredibly small health pool shouldn’t stay on the ground close enough to an enemy to melee them 6 times.


The issue with her melee combo is that the final blow applies a knockback (which doesn’t interrupt, by the way - as soft a CC as it gets.)

I assume the intent was that she shoot, then melee, then reload and start again during the knock back, but that game loop is hilariously awful as a) she has to reload early to apply venom anyway and b) she has a gun that out damages the claw, so what’s the point?

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And, where’s the problem: just apply 3 hits instead 6.

Ah, I see the problem now.

Then I can delete my frustrated post, haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Because the combo does less damage then just using her gun. As an alternate attack it needs to have utility, not straight damage. The utility is that knock back which needs the full 6 hits. That’s why a three hit melee combo would be better than a 6 hit combo.

Just to make sure:
And this knockback effect is stronger that offhand melee, right?
BTW I wonder why her slide does no knockback CC. Is it that all “kicks” doesn’t do that?

@EdenSophia? I think you know more about that than I do.

Well, I read OP proposal as “not enough hits” (so I replied like “combo already has like 3 hits”) not “I want my knockack CC faster”. It’s just misunderstanding I guess.

Please don’t step on Kelvin’s toes, I sympathize but there’s surely a better solution than giving Mellka a ranged, superior version of Kelvin’s only damage skill.