They need to do something about this

Hello everyone, I just made this account so I can give my opinion on this matter in which I believe something needs to be done about, I’ve been playing Battleborn for a bit now and I’ve noticed they are a lot of players who just afk… this is annoying as it cost the game for players who actually want to win, I believe they need to something similar to what Overwatch has done, not trying to get those die hard fans of Battleborn mad as I myself play Battleborn more then Overwatch and have yet touched the game again ever since I got Battleborn, anyways back to the point, In Overwatch if you afk you get kicked, simple, I believe Battleborn needs to seriously do something similar, maybe something with like a serious penalty, I know an afk-er gets kick after 5 minutes in battleborn but seriosuly it takes only 5 minutes against a good team to cost the game, this is an amazing game especially for me but seeing all this AFK crap just makes me want to stop playing.

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Does it really matter though. A kicked player won’t get replaced by someone else. You’re a man down anyway.

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It would help in the sense that they won’t be put in the next game though. I’ve had times where a player was AFK, the game ended and was still AFK, next queue starts and there they are. With the low player base even re-queuing they would either pop back up on my team or the enemies. You would still be a man down but at least you would not have to go into the next game with them again. (Unless they are trolling and que back up just to be AFK)

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So far as I know something like this already happens…

If you see the same person repeatedly AFK, use the in-game reporting system. (Pop up the player stats, select them, look for the menu option, choose AFK, done.)

Except people do get kicked for being AFK already, it just takes a moment. If they actually were AFK, what you describe wouldn’t happen.

If someone is afk for more than 5 minutes - that player gets kicked out of the match.

Well, unless they rigged their controller so their character is simply running in circles or something - seen that before too.

Actually , now that you mention about AFK players and OW I thought of something great !

In OW (in quick match to be specific) AFK player get instead of just removing them from the match , they REPLACE them with other players !
That’s something that could:

  1. help players find faster matches quickly (they might be in a short match , but the game groups these players for the next match )
    2.No more matches going from 5v5 to 5v4–>0, matchmaking will fill team slots when ever someone gone AFK over time or if they quit.

From what I know the winter update should come anytime soon ! , but maybe , just maybe the update will contain the mechanic for matchmaking !

Speaking about the update , anyone knows about the release date ?


for those of you saying players get kick after 5 minutes, I already know this, I wrote it in the post, like I said in the post 5 minutes can cost a game against decent players. Ozcomingfroo your idea is solid! hopefully they do something about it.

TLDR: battleborn grinds are too long and contain too many worthless rewards while requiring gameplay that many do not find very fun after high repetition

this is more of a design issue

peeps aren’t having fun and feel like they are wasting free time participating, however they still want the skinner box reward

generally people don’t burn out to afk unless the skinner box was designed excessively long, i.e. they aren’t getting meaningful dopamine events often enough

gearbox could easily let up on the grinds and chop them by 75% to let people actually have fun ‘finishing’ the game they bought

punishing players for inherent design issues that motivate undesirable player behavior never ends well

This wouldn’t change a thing if they are doing this kind of behavior because of the grind. Then they would complete all the things and dump the game anyway. Every game is not for everyone, Battleborn is not an exception. If players only want to 100% a game, they better buy an indie game that can be 100%ed in a few hours.

There is also a problem that there are no notifications if a game is about to start out of focus. Since it can take even an hour or more to find a game, you just dont sit looking at the searching screen all the time. I used to watch anime in a window with the game in background using borderless windowed while waiting for players, but sometimes I will just start reading something on forums, and I may miss the start of a game.

Even free to play games have notifications. For example War Thunder plays a sound, while Paladins also shows a small pop up window.

Also when Paladins gets required number of players in the session, it displays ready button with a time bar. If any of the players fail to report with ready button in a specified time, the session is dissolved, and searching starts again. This ensures that all the players will be there to play.