They need too check Boldur he needs a nerf

He is too difficult too defeat or kill his oveshield is annoying it need a cooldown or something in pvp

I mean he is suppose to be hard to kill, but you are free to your opinion.

It does have a cooldown, a 15 second one to be exact. It is tied to when he activates Boldurdash, and you have to pick it as a helix choice. Its only a 225 shield and it only last for 8 seconds. It is also really well balanced, because at tier 5 if you use Boldurdash you lose your Ult’s ability to heal you from the damage you block with your Greatshield.


It… does? Boldur’s overshield only triggers after activating Boldurdash, which has a cooldown.

Also, he’s a tank. Tanks are typically hard to kill. If you’re really having issues with him there are a few things I can suggest.

  1. Does he have a Miko with him? If so, kill Miko first. Or at the very least force him to retreat and Leave Boldur by himself.

  2. When things go bad, Boldur throws his shield up and starts to back away. This drastically reduces his movement speed. There are a few things you can do when this scenario pops up. First of all, you can get behind him and start quick meleeing him into your base/nearest teamates. The knockback of quick melee still works even if it doesn’t do any damage. Secondly, if you have a teamate with you, one can distract him while the other goes behind and starts dealing damage.

Oh look another nerf thread…lol


I always take Deft Defender so this doesn’t happen to me. This is obtained at level 3 so a Boldur can get rid of the issue of people flanking him very early. Not to mention you can also quick melee people away if they do manage to flank you and bolderdash away or re-position yourself for a safe retreat while continuing to block damage.

He’s hard to kill… but does little damage.

He’s supposed to be an annoying little Dorf,and he’s REALLY good at it.

P.S. RUN!! RUN FROM BOLDUR! (Because that’s really good advice, actually. Just walk away from him. Or run)

I tend to just ignore Boldur. He’s a tank so he’s supposed to be hard to kill, if you take that from him he’s nothing. His DPS is very low, just CC and run or completely ignore. If you’re spending too much time fighting Boldur you’re wasting time that could be used to kill other Battleborn or more importantly play the objective. He’s a nuisance and yes he can kill you but if you’re careful and aware he wont. If you engage him though, he’s going to tank your abilities and kill you. Approach with caution.

You make a point, but he’s still beatable. A good cc like Alani’s geyser or Galilea’s shield throw can easily stop him from just throwing up his greatshield and backing away to safety.

Which is why he doesn’t need a nerf. He’s the best (imho) when it comes to tanking and decent at killing. Good players will CC you constantly to take your HP down. Basically if your team has no hard CC then you’re pretty much never gonna kill a good Boldur player, maybe make him retreat a couple times early game, but killing him when he gets his ult will be near impossible and he’s intended to be that way. He’s meant to be countered with hard CC and there are plenty of characters with hard CC.


The best advice I would give is something that is told to a lot of MOBA players (hey look battleborn is a bit of a MOBA) don’t focus him unless he is the last enemy on the enemy team and you want to go for that team wipe, if the ankle biter becomes a bit too much of a problem hit him with a slow or a stun. If you notice his item build is more focused on damage and he’s a bit more of a problem then do as someone else has suggested and stun him and then take him out while he’s stunned.

Idk when I see a front line Boulder I basically ignore him. If you waste your abilities on him or pay attention to him he is winning. His damage is pretty good late game but so is every one else’s. I would just not try to kill him. The less time your team waste on him the better.

Played a Miko, Kelvin, Boulder comp today and they were chaining stun after stun. They probably never died once but we still won. They would constantly CC us but couldn’t really do enough damage to kill us consistently. When necessary we focused on one after the other to get them out of the lane, but never really tried to kill them.

To be fair, he does great damage when geared for offense (as he should be because after level 5 he doesn’t need help surviving). And at level 10 his left helix allows him to out damage literally anyone as long as he’s close to full health.

Boldur can definitely improve his damage with gear and helix choices, but even with he level 10 damage boost, and his level 9 health boost fully stacked, he’s still no where near top damage in the game.

He’s not even the top damage Tank in the game. That would be ISIC, especially with his Ult and the level 10 damage bonus.

And that’s after sacrificing a lot of defensive capabilities. Which, really, is exactly how a character should be. Boldur’s a tank. He can have amazing survivability with low damage output, or good survivability with good damage output.

At level one his DPS is 137, which isn’t that high, but higher than I thought it would be. Think Phoebe is the highest of all melee characters at 197 with full combo.

I strongly disagree with that. With the level 10 perk and without any HP gear, he’s hitting for ~330 per hit. That’s a massive chunk. And he does it without sacrificing and mobility or defense like ISIC does. Maybe in a complete vacuum level 10 ISIC does more DPS but the difference is minimal. Boldur can easily melt a sentry by knocking off a leg armor and critting for 1k per hit.

I wonder if he’s been buffed. I haven’t played him in a while, but I certainly don’t remember ever hitting that hard.

Nor do I recall being hit that hard.

To the test chamber!

Boldur isnt that bad considering he has one of the worst early games out of all the Battleborn. his cooldowns at least are 10 seconds, which is longer than a lot of others. He does a fair amount of damage but has the slowest attack speed. His ult has a 20 second cooldown but its only useful for soaking damage and you lose it after an ability is used. See a trend hes one of the only 2 tanks in the game along with Isic, they lack in certain areas and excel really well in others, plus he cant kill you by himself. A lot of MOBAs make you think about diffrent approaches to every character and Battleborn isnt an exception.

Boldur needs a nerf?

A tank that is hard to kill?

I’m real sorry if you spend too much time going after Boldur, solo, but Boldur is probably one of the best balanced and appropriately designed characters of the group.

His ult is much more than just damage soaking, it turns him into an offensive powerhouse.

Damn, Boldur need a nerf? He’s one of the easy to kill characters, you probably just are not very good yet;-)