They need too fix this

Why when uou finish a PVE mission The score appear 0 and the numbers are in negative Is this a glitch. I cant enjoy Double Xp event with this they need too Fix it

The zero score is a known bug since the October 13, 2016, patch.

You (and everybody else) are getting the xp/2 xp anyhow (watch the lvl-clock tick away at end).

Yup, they Devs know about it, safe to assume they area working on a fix.
I thought it was only happening on teams of 3 but Riv and I had it happen yesterday with a team of 2.

Your XP isn’t determined by your score, but rather by your participation in a mission and the length of the match

They’re working on it, but it’ll take some time.
Would you uh. Would you please edit your title? Just to take off the o? It shouldn’t but it’s annoying me

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