They overdid it with certain visual effects

I’m not a big fan of certain effects as they completely blind you and make it impossible to see the enemy. I’m not sure if they intended them to work this way or not but I don’t like it.

The hardest thing about Badass COVs with rockets isnt the damage but the overpollution of visual effects that occur on your screen. It is the same sort of thing if you stand in a rain grenade or your friend throws a million of them at your position xD you just can’t see anything.

Does anyone know if they are looking to address the overpollution of effects? If not I wish they would.


I really hope they do. Bare minumum make them halve to reload. I usually counter it by throwing a nade in the general direction, then take advantage of the while they are staggered.


i haven’t had too many issues with being blinded, however, playing shield zane is pretty blinding…

the added effects of shooting thru the shield makes seeing enemies an impossible dream…

I haven’t played Zane yet but it is as you described, the effects saturate the screen and prevent you from seeing anything beside the effects.

It’s becoming even worse when you play with 3 other people in Shaft, all kinds of grenades explosions and screen shaking.
It’s cool at the beginning, but eyes getting tired very quickly.

Yeah, an option to lower these effects would be welcome. Also, Zanes shield with bubble augment and picked up has those big bars that add to that blinding. Those shield amped shots are bigger than fking rockets.

Toning down the visual effects would also do wonders for performance. Nothing hitches my PS4 like running one of the Slaughters with a Moze or two.

I noticed this doing the Slaughter Shaft with Mayhem active. All those rocket launchers, the explosions completely blind you. I noticed the Cryo explosions to be the worst, visually and because they slow you and prevent you from leaving the area. So when you inevitably enter FFYL you can’t see anything to shoot.

I hate this game for making me turn my head of screen during respawn animation