They really need to buff Trixie's gun damage

she’s supposed to be a sniper but her gun doesn’t do enough.

i mean using the regular fire is fine, but her scoped version. it does more damage but the rate of fire is so ludicrously slow that it doesnt do ENOUGH major damage to offset it. Wind up doing more damage with regular fire. Only plus side is the penetration from scoped shots.

That and there is literally no reason, ever, to pick the sniper scope helix because it does literally nothing.

Whereas, as i’ve stated before, her melee is OP as hell. Her Infection tics are only good late game as well.

Trix is a support. She isn’t supissed to do Toby or Marquis damage. Look at her kit, at her skills. They all make up for her dlow damage.
She is a team character, you help your allies kill the enemies and when they are low but run away you are the one that can get that last shot in.
Her damage is fine where it is.


You also have to remember all her shots have a wound!




Her ability to wound more than makes up for her damage, as it can competely shut down healers (or those who rely on heavy regen.) If you think her damage should be higher, then her wound duration should be much, much lower.

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If they nerfed something else, yes

No way. The hard counter to healers and the Eldrid with a silence and a phenomenal close range life steal does not need more for her kit.

Take away that silence and I’d be more than happy to let her deal more damage. Ranged homing silence is the most obnoxious thing ever.


Yeah, because peircing shots DOESN’T make up for the damage drop-off. Her gun is fine. The RoF and Peircing shots allow her to get 170k damage dealt in a 25 minute game of incursion.
She doesn’t need more Damage, unless her silence is gone and wound drops down a second.

Scoping in has its advantages. Sometimes you’re just out ranged and need to reliably hit someone, sometimes you’re trying to take out a buildable behind the other team’s backline. Sometimes you want some sweet crit headshots. Hip-fire is definitely higher damage because of rate of fire granted, but still there’s situations for both. If things are going well i’d expect most Beatrix player’s to be scoped about 30 percent of the time. I guess if the damage really bothers you that much you could take Amplified Ampoules. That’s a tricky level though, as you could make an argument for all three helix choices

As long as she has wound in her kit, no thanks. She’s already quite the powerhouse.

I agree with everyone who is disagreeing. If you’re going to up her guns damage youre going to have to settle for less in the way of wounding enemies and such.

(Nova voice): Buff Beatrix’s damage?! Oh no. No way in hell. We are leaving it alone. We are DOING that.

(normal voice): Seriously though, she already has WAY to much survivability for a character that can do everything she can, so a damage buff would make her OP. In my opinion, of course… Plus, what everyone else already said about her wound and sh*t.

Finally, her having penetration as well as poison IS BULLSH*T!! …Sorry; she’s just been making my time with Toby MUCH less enjoyable, and i am VERY salty about it. Seriously… Like, Olive Garden’s EVERTHING salty…


If it makes you feel any better she can Make Montana have a very bad time also… hehe

But there is very little reason to ever use her aimed shots, especially if you’re somewhat decent at aiming her regular ones, since they are very easy to hit with. (Not hit-scan, but they’re still more accurate than Thorn’s arrows, I believe. Haven’t played her in awhile though.)

They could also remove the wound on her regular fire and only have it on her scoped shots. That would certainly make people use her aimed shots more, while not nerfing/buffing her PvE capabilities at all.


It does, actually; Montana has been a soft Toby counter ever since they buffed Montana’s accuracy, because he can nail Toby’s giant crit spot from much farther away now. Toby still chews through Montana damage-wise though, if left unchecked by him.


Well there’s your answer! Team up with a Beatrix. Every time he uses hailstorm silence and wound him. I’ve been making as many Montana players as annoyed as possible. … hopefully if they know they’re going to have a bad game they will stop picking that big bas***d!

He doesn’t NEED hailstorm anymore, is what i meant; his accuracy is now good enough to push Toby out of lane at range, whereas before he had to get closer. Hailstorm definitely exacerbates things, but it’s really just the default accuracy buff. Not that i care TOO much, to be honest, as Montana could ALWAYS easily kill Toby at close range without even stunning him; now i just have to be more wary of him at range. Beatrix is the penultimate penguin-hater now, because of her homing, poisoning, forcefield-penetrating shots, and ability to out-lifesteal at close range unless i stun her first or land every railgun shot…

That may be true but without his hailstorm it doesn’t take long for him to retreat or die.

Depends on the map, and i wholly agree for Echelon and Paradise; but Overgrowth, Monuments and Coldsnap now? Nah, he can just peak around cover and lay down some penguin punishment before retreating back behind cover.

…At least until i hit lvl. 4; then he gets stunned, heavily damaged, and lumberjack dashes off.

Haters :rolling_eyes:

No really though, everybody likes to shoot at MANtana and i fully encourage this. More focus on me, less on my team

Edit : It’s not so much about what the big guy can do to you or what you can do to him, so much as the distraction he’s causing. Even if they have to retreat, if it took you longer than 10-15 seconds to push them back under sustained fire, that’s a HUGE (pun intended) advantage for the other team’s minion wave / players

Edited Edit : Final thought i promise (for now lol) obviously a Montana just standing out in the open and dying with no support at his back is just feeding. That’s not what i’m advocating. More like get in, catch their attention, hurt them real bad, and get out. Don’t need to confirm kills to make an impact