They really need to buff Trixie's gun damage

Yes her poisons often get her the kills, but here’s the thing.

She’s listed as a sniper. but she can’t snipe for crap. in fact, she dominates in melee instead.

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I wouldn’t go by those descriptions. Example, it says Toby is cute. Toby isn’t cute.


@ilovebees Toby’s a lovable, cudly, adorable, harmless penguin instread. Right @HandsomeCam?

Right! Just like i’m not going to “torture” you; i’m just going to immobilize and gag you, remove your teeth and fingernails/toenails with a chisel, and slowly remove and eat your non-essential organs in front of you! :yum:

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Wait, let me guess…You’re Orendi!!

Nah, she’d prefer to bake internal organs with her pillar before eating them, nevermind.


Offended gasp. And who said I wouldn’t cook them first too?! I’m not a SAVAGE, and i certainly don’t want to get sick…


Never said you wouldn’t. I just said she’d cook them with her Pillar. There’s a difference there, you know. One is cooked by Chaos Magik, the other by a Penguin-like Aviant.


everyone is citing the silence. I guess i’m the only trixie who goes for the other lv 1 helix instead haha. (Feel like it pays off more in the late game)

I don’t play her enough, but when I do and pick the silence, I can’t really ever see it taking effect. (Though I do find it really annoying to go up against)

I do choose the other potion in PvE, and it is quite good to essentially say screw you to all the enemies, since they’ll all be taking damage no matter what they do. Maybe you could build her with that and the DR, so allies will be tankier, and apply infection to everyone that attacks them, no matter the distance. (Still, the huge lifesteal boost is insane and too hard to pass up 90% of the time.)

…I cannot argue with this logic, haha!

Imagines Toby leaning over @ninjaneb01’s open chest cavity to look him in the eyes, smiling, and holding up his toasted kidney on a spit. Toby takes a bite and rolls his eyes in orgasmic ecstasy as he chews it; a thin trail of blood leaks from the corner of his beak. @ninjaneb01 screams through his gag in horror and pain, and Toby leans closer, chuckling lightly and grinning. He whispers “Who’s cuddly NOW?” into @ninjaneb01’s frightened face.

…Sorry; fantasizing again…

Also, @silverkhaos, i can speak from experience that the silence is a sonofab*tch when timed right, and that is probably why most players take it.

Imagines making a documentary about the life of penguins, how they grow up to be eaten by other beings, and how they are abused in nature.

“We now see @handsomeCam, after dealing with the horrors of penguin life and unable to defend himself, take vengence on others in the community.”

Only to realise that Toby, the cute, flightless bird, has no way to harm me behind the glass wall of a penguin exhibit of a zoo, where kids continue to make googly eyes and want to hug him.

Ohh, sorry, just imagining how a documentary of the Cute penguin Toby would go.

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…He does have a literal Death Machine. And is an Expert Mechanic…and is a sentient, conscious being. I don’t think a Zoo would keep him long, let alone glass.

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Well, who said that we didn’t have him trapped with his own arc mine? Its quite effective. Oh, we also hired Thaudeas To be ZooKeeper. He loves his job.

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He made it, I’m sure he knows how to disable it. And he’s already killed/defeated Thaddeus multiple times now.

its awesome early game, but I prefer to maximize the poisons instead. POISON ALL THE THINGS.

This^ Varelsi Space hath no fury like a Finisci Avaint mocked… Plus, i would free him and see to it that he got his rightful vengeance against a world that cruelly labeled and subjugated him.

@silverkhaos: Yes, the poison is even more annoying to my Toby… I hate you, haha! It’s mostly that damn PENETRATION though…

Anyway… back on topic. Why does Trix need a damage boost? She EASILY gets most damage done in a game, a feat which Thorn can’t achieve, and Marquis has an exceptionally hard time with. For a sniper, trix can deal INSANE amounts of damage, just over a period of 30 mins.

It’s not that she needs a damage boost, she just needs more incentive to use her aiming/sniping role.

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Honestly, I only snipe as her when Patient Zero is applied to herself. Otherwise when I have her lvl7 Mutation.

this yes.