They Release BL4 Next Year

In my opinion BL3 is a mess. And far from a worthy successor to BL2. But opinions are subjective, we all have one, and they all smell.

I am aware there are far more people without technical issues, than there are those of use with. And for those of us with, patience has begun to wane.

So, this poll, while general, is more for the people who were able to play this game for many months, before a patch / hotfix / removal of setting, rendered it unplayable for various reasons.

BL3 is a Live Service Game.
What has become a bane on the landscape of single player (preferences) games.
A Dev’s ability to remove, many months after purchase, anything that then renders the game unplayable, is unacceptable.

So BL4 / Which will be a Live Service Game

  • I Would Buy
  • I Would Not Buy
  • Maybe. When its Complete. Stable. Bug Free. Balanced. No longer Nerf Happy. No longer Hot Fix Happy.

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What’s your pleasure ?

I have never had any issues with this game. Sure a few blue screens but that happens when there are particle effects all over. I dont play split screen but to me it isn’t worth split screen. And the balance has been fair. There are nerfs and buffs needed to different things. Some might need both. Hotfixes are a way 2k likes to push updates. At least they don’t take games offline when that happens.
Can you explain why being a live service is bad?
Constant updates are much better than letting a game die.

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Their ‘hotfix’ when the GTD was released REMOVED a setting that has rendered the game unplayable to me. I am still paying for content yet to be released that I cannot play.

I have managed to play without live service games since the 70’s.

Today though, they can sabotage our purchase months after we have paid for it, negating our ability to refund, without consequence.

WHAT OTHER PRODUCT that you buy allows this… think about it. ?

And for those that ‘have never had an issue with this game’ bully for you. We are all happy you are able to play your game, yet am confused why that would render your critical thinking skill defunct.

There are those of us who do have issue.
There are even those of us who did NOT have issues, UNTIL GBX removed a setting Giving Us these Issues.

they value destiny and warframe player more than original player base so nope , legit no long term borderlands player asked for raid , rng stat , annoint which probably resemble some other game out there idk .

This is very true, and seen throughout the internet. Longevity is no longer wanted.

I wrote a long post, but never put it up about the Longevity of this game, and my theory thereof.

The want the quick coin, and new (player) turnover, as is demonstrated by the ‘Best weapons now locked behind DLC’ method…

Everything with some code that can be patched? Phones? Computers? Some cars? Airplanes? Televisions? Everything IOT? Network switches? Quite a bit of other software comes to mind (operating systems, programs, firmware). I’m not saying I’m a fan, but lots of things can be patched (for better or worse) after they’ve been purchased.


BL£ - Planned Obsolescence.

In your examples, any injury, any loss, can be reclaimed.

You telling me there are Aeroplanes out there, where the ‘builder’ can ‘patch’ something rendering that plane useless… PoppyCock.

Stop typing mate, this is a poll, not a conversation.

I’m off to bed.

Yeah, 100% there are systems in airplanes that get software patches by the manufacturer, and if they botch it, the plane will be useless if it crashes… if it fails to take off, they can re-patch it and the plane will be good again. These failure modes can result in a loss of life, so they’re very extensively tested. I mean, there are military systems meant to end people and places that get software patches. Satellites in orbit get software patches. That 737 Max disaster? Fixed with a patch.

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Whereas, we get taken from behind, without even a courteous reach-around.

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BL3 is the best overall in the series so far. I’d very likely buy a sequel, though I doubt one will come next year.

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I bought it Day -99 or something.

I loved BL1, and adored BL2, once THC balanced it.

So I went $99, Pre-Order with BL3, no question.

I love the premise, and love the game as it currently is, despite all of the bugs and glitches and performance issues and the Guardian Takedown and pretty much all of the Vanilla gun lineup being useless and the complete entirety of what passes for upchucking a kidney stone/the plot.

But damned if MM 2.0 didn’t almost completely kill off my love of this broken butterfly all together.

If it wasn’t for the current efforts to remedy things, I would say “No Buy”. But damned if the game isn’t [currently] a whole lot of fun, despite the technical, literary, and ma-mo-modified stuttering mess it is.

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they shouldve kept using borderlands 2 as the base game but maybe change ui and stuff , im not completely sure how performance on pc but ive heard it being pretty bad somewhere . honestly all the people waited for bl3 expected it being a updated borderlands 2 , retain everything from it and add more . 2 thing really bother me is that it doesn’t show your class mod name under lvl bar and they promised flamethrower being part of the game , i was expecting a new type of weapon like how pre sequel did but instead were getting some standalone etech weapon and thats it ,even tho they fulfilled the promise but the whole thing is irrelevant in the game since its trash and u can get a monarch to drop more frequent than that piece of garbage unless farming eridium vendor

Not everybody shares this opinion. It may have the best feel and gunplay but their is so much more to having a memorable game than that. Personally I’d still rank 2 far above this one


I would rank the feel of BL1 guns and the whole parts aspect as better than BL3, too.

But BL3 has some fun guns, and we can now mantle like its a stolen idea from 2014. So there is that.

Sucks they killed off the most fun VH from 2, though.

I was eventually very fond of Roland’s run 'n gun gameplay too. This in spite of his horridly bad turret, and +6 to Reload the Game vs Solo Crawmerax runs.

Sir Hammerlock’s sister remains so irrelevant I can’t even be bothered to Google how to spell her name properly to diss her, though. Which is kind of doubling down on the diss. But it’s true!

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Borderlands 4: Diablo Fans Rising

No Fans.

Only Liquid Cooling.

BL4: Diablo 4 Edition: MMO Ocean Edition.

Wind Waker with 9000% more water.

And a monthly fee.

And also proper laser weapons. Oh wait only bows