They say that the first million is the hardest. After that, it gets easier

One million on the BAR. All true, all legit! :nerd_face: I did it! :sparkles::tada::fireworks::sparkler::confetti_ball:

My reward will be this: BAR off, and no more challenges!


Next challenge… do it on TPS… :grinning:


For some mysterious reason, I don’t see myself spending quite as much time in that game as I have in this, but… Nice try, Mate! Nice try! :rofl:


I might make it to 500k in TPS one day… but yeah 1 mill would be insane.


I couldn’t do it… I can’t walk past vault symbols or echoes or onions at the peak and the like without doing them, I just can’t.

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Oh man… did you spend all those, or are you sitting on several hundred?


All spent! Almost 44% across the board.

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So what’s it like running a character through the same area (mobbing through Frostburn, for example) with and without BAR on? I have one character that’s got to 50 with no BAR (BAR None Gaige) but I’ve never tried toggling the thing with a max level character (and I’m only at 21-23% stats).

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I started a new character a while back, with the intention to do a full run with no BAR, but I got sidetracked, and it was never completed (half way through NVHM). Even if I didn’t get very far on it, I could still see a couple of things. The gun damage was noticeable, but not in a way that really mattered. What I felt had a big impact was the reload speed and the recoil. I suppose I’ll have to get used to it, though.

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Well, challenges in TPS gives you less points, so 1M would be much much harder.

No bug in any challenge? Consider yourself very lucky :slight_smile:

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Nothing that I’m aware of, at least. It’s just been a slow and steady increase along the way. No sudden jumps or unexplained events that I know of. What would this bug do?

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Most common bug is on elemental challenges. They like to not-proceed, so you can stuck at numbers like 2715265846/5000. I don’t know if this could happen only after prestige or before too.
Slag-Licked challenge will occasionally give you full set of points, so it could ruin the “legit” way of gaining the BAR.


Slag licked is usually done pretty early, but that’s probably coz I play Maya a lot. Ruin will speed that challemge up, I presume. The other one you mention has never happened to me.

I would genuinely pop champagne at hitting 1 million bar.

My friend once put on a suit to play a Cup final on Football Manager.


I’ve been playing so long with BAR on that is was a real wake up call. :laughing: I was suddenly thrown back to the time when I started playing the game. I’ve said more than once that I don’t think that BAR has a big impact, but I’m starting to think that I’ve never been more wrong about anything regarding this game. Everything you do is much slower and much harder. Reload speed, Accuracy recovery and elemental chance were the things that bothered me the most.

I couldn’t really say how much it was, so I did some quick testing. The results are… surprising, to say the least! :open_mouth:

The test was done with OP8 Maya and a Bekah. I removed the COM, and only speced certain skills for comparison. Then I toggled BAR on and off. First I did the numbers for crits.

Skills BAR off BAR on Increase (%)
None 1028k 1907k 85,5
Mind’s Eye 1200k 2153k 79,5
Mind’s Eye + Reaper 1680k 3115k 85,5
Mind’s Eye + Reaper + Slag 5040 k 9045k 79,5

Then I did the numbers for bodyshots.

Skills BAR off BAR on Increase (%)
None 298k 428k 43.7
Reaper 417k 599k 43,7
Reaper + Slag 1252k 1799k 43,7

As you can see, the damage increase is more than significant. It’s actually incredible! An increase of 43,7% - which is the number where my BAR is - and when you score crits, you seem to get the bonus twice.

I have no idea how everything else affects the final damage output, but this quick test points in the direction of BAR being added after everything else is added and multiplied. Someone else will have to do all that testing, though. I just wanted to share this info.

With the same increase in reload speed, fire rate, grenade damage and so on, it seems to me that BAR may very well be one of the most powerful mechanics in the game. No wonder things die really fast when my BAR is on! :smile:


I always play with BAR on and as described above it is noticeable.

One BAR item I have always prioritized is reload speed. On Xbox (where I play the most) my reload speed buff is 56.3%, and dang is it noticeable. Lots less worry about reloads, and for some weapons it’s fantastic.
Many pistols have sub 2 second reload speeds by default (like the Hornet), with that much buff the reload is less than a second, and you’re basically continuously firing.