They Should Create Sniper Rifle Specific Anointments

Just as a concept, in most shooter games, the sniper rifle is intended to deal massive single target damage. If you consider borderlands to be a hybrid of RPG and shooter elements, at it’s core, the sniper is a ranged class while things like the Maggie or a hellwalker might be considered “melee-eaque”/close range classes.

In the current meta, most builds focus on high fire rate, multi-pellot weapons, and as such push most players into close range combat that would resemble rpg melee classes.

If Gearbox wants to encourage more ranged gameplay, they need to create weapons and anointments that complement that style. One good example of players enjoying the ranged style is the wide range of uses they’ve gotten out of the Ion Cannon. The accuracy and punch is such that players use it as a ranged sniper often. This is evidence that the core gameplay can support it, and that players like to do it.

I suggest that new Anointments be created that would boost sniper rifles and other ranged weapons significantly for end game, allowing and encouraging players to engage content in this way.

Finally, I understand that there are ways to “use” the guardian rank overkill point to effectively snipe enemies with the right momentum, but the game as a whole lacks proper “ranged” player options.

What are some sniper/ranged only anointments that you believe would be helpful in gameplay or encourage the above?


I really enjoy long distance sniping in the early game, but that kind of game-play does kind of wither and die under the weight of additional difficulty and meta builds. Could always try an anointment that simply grants far greater damage, based on your distance to the target.


Oh that’s a great one: “damage and critical damage increased by % based on distance to Target, up to 200%” or something would be nice


If Gearbox wanted Sniping to be a viable gamestyle then they would find another way to add difficulty to the game without simply turning up the enemies health, shield, and armor.

Making every enemy a bullet sponge just makes sniping useless. Sniping is 1 shot = 1 kill. If you can’t do that then may as well not have sniping at all.

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I used to feel that way until BL2 came along with Vladof sniper rifles and Zer0’s critical ascension mechanic. BL2 caused me to rethink what a sniper rifle in a FPS could be. Please note, I’m not saying BL3 gets it right, because they don’t. I’m simply saying that 1 shot 1 kill is not the only way snipers can or even should behave in a FPS context.


Hm. Is this a suggestion? I agree in principle that sniping should be powerful, which is the point of the post. Within the mechanics of the game, do you agree that Anointments might fill the gap of the massive health pools? Maybe there’s an alternative?

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This used to be something that annoyed the crap out of me about Borderlands game. They had sniper rifles in the game but the classic sniper play loop of long range killing was never possible because enemies don’t spawn ahead of the player. The player has to fully enter a zone in order to trigger enemy spawns, which means that snipers are mostly mid range weapons in Borderlands games. So far the only tiny exception I have found to this is the first part of MT because of the guards on the tower. They don’t appear to spawn in based on player proximity but are simply always there.


They need to buff sniper rifle damage by 100% at least, and bullet carrying capacity by 300% (for the fast shooting sniper rifle)

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Yeah you’re right. True sniping in this game is challenged by the way the game spawns enemies. Tho, even mid rang sniping could be fun with a few changes. I genuinely don’t think we should have to select between 2 - 3 sniper rifles in a game with thousands of options :slight_smile:

I would love to see anointments for all weapons that support multiple game play styles, like fl4k has a few skills Snipers could model anointments after. Snipers do need reworked in my opinion. For example my favorite legendary sniper is the woodblocker, that shouldn’t feel like my best sniper but it does outside of epics.


lol if they gonna give us a billion woodblockers, they should make them do something for god’s sake! :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup, agree with this, and would also add that enemies are quite a bit more mobile compared to previous games. Just yesterday I had to shoot some annoying Maliwan soldier 4-5 times because he had an uncanny ability to dodge and roll the moment I pulled the trigger: good luck landing headshots there… :frowning:

BL1 was most sniper-friendly, I think, although my memory could be playing tricks at this point. Both BL2 and TPS had quite enjoyable sniping too.


Ah- me and my partner call this the “Insta-dodge” i’m like 90% sure the game has a thing where it watches you pull the trigger and makes enemies dodge like that just to f*ck with you. It happened since BL1

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It might be ‘somewhat’ realistic, just as in real life you might be able to see a flash before projectile hits you, especially these slow as molasses rockets and gyrojets ( in BL universe at least). I can step out of rocket way quite often, so I guess enemies can do it too :slight_smile:

May be it’s only specific enemy type, don’t remember Heavies, Loaders or Goliaths do that. But Tinks and some troopers seem to excel at that.

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Me: charges up Ion Cannon with a Guardian Rank Overkill
Anointed Tink [in imaginarily squeaky high voice]: HAHAHAH DODGED MOTHER TRUCKER!!!
Me: :crying_cat_face:


I’d say, early game Borderlands 2/TPS were more sniper friendly than Borderlands 1 because Borderlands 1 snipers sucked at hitting the target. Unlike the snipers in later Borderlands games they didn’t have near perfect accuracy when scoped in and it wasn’t until you had gained a lot of sniper proficiency (and, as Mordecai, improved spread and accuracy) before you could really start sniping.
Borderlands 2 lets you snipe perfectly fine in normal mode and TVHM but requires specific builds to make it work on UVHM, though I’d say even UVHM did treat snipers more kindly than Mayhem 4 does.


After playing with the ION cannon for a while, I’m pretty sure you’re right. It could be confirmation bias, but I swear some enemies only seem to roll after I’ve fired a rocket…

As for the thread topic, I’d like to see a significant damage boost to full health enemies on a sniper anointment. Alternatively, a damage boost/crit damage boost to the first shot in a magazine would be nice. Either of these would have the effect of making more traditional snipers with low fire rate more powerful, without massively buffing guns like the Lyuda.


Sniper rifle specific anointments?

Silencer. Firing doesn’t alert enemies. (However seeing someone’s head explode still will)
Piercing. Bullet pierces through enemies
Critical hits have a huge % of additional damage to unaware enemies.


I always thought the “+50% weapon damage to enemies below 25%” was a sniper rifle anointment. I think it’s pretty good with a Monocle to get that Overkill damage rolling.

It couldn’t hurt to have more:

  • Kill C0nfirmed could work as an anointment.
  • Trespass as an anointment. First shot from a fully loaded magazine against an unaware enemy ignore shields.
  • A distanced-based anointment that has a chance to daze enemies.

High Velocity Rounds Increased Bullet Speed. Hits can ragdoll targets like shotguns are able to do at close range.