They suck at match making

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yeah… not really much to say besides matchmaking in BL3 stinks like a dumpster.

Well to GBX credit they are aware of it and looking into it, just don’t have any fixes at this time.

Sound about right?


Worked fine for 3-4 months. Since then haven’t been able to play with anyone online.

So disappointing especially when they praise the game as being better with friends

No kidding, GBX certainly dropped the ball to say the least this time around when it came to matchmaking and co-op play because for Bl1, BL2 and BLTPS spent a lot of time playing with others online while doing split screen with the wife.


other issue is with this is possibly with bl3 they dont control/barrier off modded items also i think as much as in bl2 its alot harder to get modded item into the game as in bl3 you can easily get modded items in as i think thats what put people off playing mutliplayer as well as most time you get paired with people with modded gear anyway also the framerates need to be fixed/improved on game badly still as framerates are terrible on console for bl3 even before people start using modded items.

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Sorry i had to say it outloud like this :rofl: it was pissing me off the other day i wanted more loot :sweat_smile: but im stock on solo… Black ops … Even Fortnite as a better matchmaking thibg…

Do epic games servers connect to steam servers via shift?

Bl1, BL2 and BLTPS have better match making as well. Go figure.

Cool didnt heard that rumor😅

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I know hard to believe right, you have to go back to the older games to have better matchmaking, who knew?