They took away my money and I don't know why

Hello friends, a while ago I was playing, I had already raised 70 million dollars, and suddenly, when making a map change, they took 60 million from me, why is this? I did not die, I did not do anything illegal, the truth cost me and it hurts that they take it from me like that, could someone tell me what happened? Thanks in advance.

My main and only guess would be Rats. Rat Thief enemies can steal 50% or more of your cash on hand. Afterwards they will attempt to escape via a near by sewers. You need to kill them before that and then pick up a white item that looks like a pile of money. This will return all the stolen money.

If the Rat escapes…well sorry to say your our of luck. Places like The Fridge or Finks Slaughter House are crawling with Rats and Rat Thiefs.