"They will never fix IB, flat damage buffs are stupid"

That was basically the responses I got (especially from one specific very aggressive user) that my suggestions for flat damage buffs to IB on Mayhem modes was a dumb idea and how I’m stupid and how IB will never be good.

Well… glad they were proven wrong and GBx actually did what I wanted…IB now wrecks up to M3.


They didnt only increase flat dmg tho… they changed the perks from the trees, that made a huge difference, plus the percentage per level. Didnt test IB yet, im leveling a new moze to feel the new experience from the ground up, so far its kinda overpowered up until lvl 20, im guessing from small calculations that its going to do fine in mayhem3, not to the point of being totally viable but enough to be usable. For me this changes took way too long but im glad they finally delivered an actual patch, the first real patch of the game. Now im looking forward to changes to the items, mostly the mods, and some more perk changes (looking at you SoR capstone).

I also want to try out Fl4k now, it seems they buffed him a bit too much, but im not that good at math so i cant say for sure until i try it.

Dude he does more than great on M3. Try the rocket pods first especially if you spec down blue tree and splash damage!!

He wrecks !

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I wonder how the IB nukes do now

Its already kinda overpowered at low level with all the healing, but since im not a min maxer it might struggle in mayhem3.

This is my build goal with this new moze:


Vladof fire damage in all slots and iron bear’s machine guns, might try rockets too, i want to stay true to a theme here. Too bad there are no vladof shields anymore.

The skills applying to IB is greater than the scaling damage buff imo, but they sure add up to the whole picture.
I still hope to see Pull the Holy Pin working with the V-35, but it is just my dream. :smile:

The new IB COM seems crazy too for an offensive build.