Thin Red Line +3?

Just a quick question- has anyone seen a mod with Thin Red Line +3?

I’ve only ever seen +2 for my legendary bloodletter, which makes sense as at 5/3 makes it reserve 100% of health into shields. however, every other 3 point skill can get +3 from a mod. Has anyone seen this? especially a screenshot of it if possible

Yes, I have a bloodletter with +3 thin red line. But I dropped it in leu of one with +3 desperate measures. 4/3 in thin red line still gives me 42k transformer shield (that constantly regens off nades). To gain +100% gun damage at all times.


well if you ever find another com with +3 thin and are on ps4… send it my way :wink:

transformer shield moze is by far one of the most satisfying builds out there and puts gaige to shame lol

Dang that’s a stack. Interested in your build

Xbox, or I’d give you the one I have, OP.

I’ve been meaning to respec and drop the +3 why can’t I carry all these nades and dump them elsewhere as they really aren’t necessary. Rarely am I not full on nades.


I have a +2 thin red line bloodletter but a +3 sounds even more enticing! Especially if it had +2 to phalanx lol.

I usually take 1 out of the grenade capacity skill and put it in auto bear. Paired with the targets take extra damage debuff rocket launcher, it allows you an “oh crap” button, and once you’re in a better spot you can hop out and have IB support for a little bit.

Also, I’d put one of phalanx/run while shooting skill into Force Feedback. Just for those off chances you do get a crit kill, all those recharge rate buffs get going. Great build! Couldn’t do it much better myself. That deathless relic stats are perfect too- shotgun/fire damage/cooldown encompasses every build you might ever have on her lol

I haven’t used iron bear intentionally in weeks. It’s just a frustration if I hit the button now. Played properly, this build keeps my shield pinned at 42k all the time. There aren’t ever oh ■■■■ moments lol

Hi All - i’m level 35 and struggling to find a bloodletter, transformer, or deathless. Does anyone have any old versions of these that you could send my way? I would be greatly appreciative!
I’m on Xbox, GT: deh2k7

Wow. Are any of you able to dupe these & mail them my way please. As for the mod-I farmed katagawa and pain & terror all week and recieved no legendary mods. I’m at my wits end.
Also I am one of the lucky ones that was hit by the bank deletion glitch…ugh…Help!
Xbox 1 x
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I know Thin Red Line and Deathless artifacts stacks. Do they stack with a Front Loader shield as well?

Yes, I have about 52k shield unbuffed with that combination.

It also seems to synergy with Phalanx, because I can climb to 150-200k pretty fast too without too much effort.

Ah, nice. I finally hit 50 yesterday and got a Deathless artifact off a mob on my run through TVHM (one that throws snowballs when I slide, lol) and with a level 47 Transformer I’ve got like 25k health already. Also got an Incendiary Rowan’s Call, with all the gun damage boosts and (currently) a +9 to Scorching RPMs and +1 to Redistrihution, it’s pure chaos on the battlefield without having to reload and I love it.

With a good com with Thin Red Line, Front Loader and Phalanx I figured the shield numbers could get ridiculous. Heres to hoping I get a better shield today.

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a deathless with the snowball slide (which also includes slide speed, right?) is a pretty perfect combination. pretty much anything with the slide speed buff on a legendary is considered “perfect” for many around here. nice luck!

Yes. Mine has +102% slide speed. Didn’t realize it was so important, though I suppose it’s really good for getting to safety.

Oh and I got a level 50 Transformer now that dropped off Traunt. I just need a good grenade now and I’ll be happy.

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