Thin Red Line and Desperate Measures

Does someone know if these two skills work together ? With one you can reduce health and add it to shields and the other gives more gun the lower the health is. Maybe someone figured it out but without a trainig doll to shot at of some sort it’s hard to find out.

I believe so, because Thin Red Line takes away up to 60% of your health. This does not reduce your max health, but rather makes healing past 40% impossible. This would allow Desperate Measures to calculate that you are damaged.

Yes, it works. With a class mod you can get level 5 thin red line and play with 1 hp, which gives you the full bonus damage from desperate measures.

Cool thanks

I just farmed that relic and immediately thought of Moze and wandered the something as op. Glad to know there’s synergy. Now onto trying to get up to 20k+ shield on her and become a shield tank Chad. Wish me luck.

There’s a legendary relic that increases your shield strength by 100% but reduces your hp to 1 combine that with thin red line level 5, “The Transformer” legendary shield and some guardian ranks into shield capacity you can easily get 20k + shield strength. My Moze currently has 40k shield capacity with 100% shock immunity with this setup

I want this. Now we must have MOAR POWAR and achieve 100k+ shield with 100% shock immunity, -80% to -100% shield delay, and 150% shield recharge. Go forth and gimme some Moze.

Haha YES!

Moze Gang 4 Life! :muscle: