Thin Red Line: bugged?

So I got a legendary mod that has 2 points in TRL. I’m a bit low level but thought I would try it. However, it seems bugged or maybe I don’t understand something. I equip the mod and it reserves part of my health which equals 176. I noticed a while later that my health was 76 but when I walk over health packs it says my health is full and it doesn’t go up. I take off the mod and put it back on and it’s back to 176.

Is this somehow working as intended and I don’t understand something or is this bugged?

It’s supposed to work that way. It removes a portion of your health and puts it into shields. It won’t go above the reserved amount. One of Moze’s builds has her at very high shields, but only 1 hp to take advantage of the damage bonus from Desparate Measures.

I don’t think you get what I’m saying. 176 is the reserved amount (my health without the mod is over 300). However, after a while and fighting and probably losing health that 176 reserved amount became a 76 reserved amount. When I removed the mod and healed…then put the mod back it was back at 176.

Ah, I misread. I thought 176 was your max. You should be able to heal up to 176 with health vials. It may have bugged out. Theres been some issues after the past few patches. Definitely not intended.

This is actually consistently repeatable. My health is not recovering with points in TRL.

Here is what it looks like when I equip my mod that has +2 to TRL when I have full health:

After fighting and losing health my health gets stuck at a much lower level and looks like this even when I try to use a healing item:

Notice the message that my health is “full” even though it should be going up to 176.

Do you have a bloodletter COM?

You know what, he says legendary com, so that’s probably it.

Bloodletter turns all healing into shield healing. That’s what’s happening.

Yes. This is what I have:

So are you saying this is working by design? Shouldn’t it heal your health to full before healing your shield? I mean if you come out of FFYL how are you supposed to gain health back otherwise? Or is this only meant to be used with specific other gear or something?

It’s right in the description. You are trying to heal, but will gain shield instead.

Well it does say “If she would regenerate health, she also gains shield regeneration”. Sounds like both to me. I mean how else are you supposed to recover from low health? Is this only meant to be used with like a shield that reserves all your health or something?

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You don’t have to. She has many shield skills so you could just have a constantly regenerating strong shield. Typically, most people use the frontloader with the deathless relic. Brings you to 1 hp and usually a massive amount of shield.

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Well being that I’m only 16 I guess none of that is possible and this bloodletter is just worthless at my level. I don’t have enough skill points to boost up my shields and I don’t have any complimentary gear to do so, either. Oh well…I guess I can free up some bag space and vendor this POS.

When you’re level 50 you can still use it until you find a better one, if that is the build you want. COM’s usually can be under leveled and still give the necessary buffs required for a build.

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OK, thanks for the info. In an unrelated story…why do people call the mods “COMS” instead of MODs?

It’s just an old Forum thing from BL1. COM is short for Class Optimization Module, some of us just never got out a the habit of saying COM.


If you can find an artifact with health regen you’re laughing

Why am I laughing? Won’t that just regen the shield as well?

I’m actually not sure how that would interact. Having a constantly regenerating shield without a recharge delay would be pretty damn strong.


When you would be healed gain sheilds

When you would regen health ALSO regen sheilds … Very key wording .

I’m beginning to wonder if the reason you couldn’t pick up the health vial is because your shields were full. Because the vials regen shields thanks to Bloodletter, having full shields would give you that message.