Thin Red Line Perk = Tons of instant-health vials?

Sorry if this has already been addressed by anyone, but now that I walk around with 1HP from the “Thin Red Line” perk, I’d say 90% of generic loot (ammo and cash) has instead become an epic sh*tload of instant-health vials.

I can go whole missions without finding hardly any ammo, or cash!

With 1HP i don’t really even need health vials.

Anyone else annoyed by this?
And if so, do you feel like this is something that might maybe one day be fixed?
Or do I just need to put on my big girl panties and deal with it?


The game doesn’t seem to distinguish between low health and simply having reserved your max health to get to the same number. If you use Bloodletter they turn into “shield vials,” but you’re right that ammo crates will be stocked with a lot less ammo overall.

Prob just one of those “different teams designed skills vs pickup algorithms.” It might get addressed in a QOL patch somewhere along the line.

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I really hope so man, because it’s seriously starting to wear on my nerves hearing Moze go “ahh thats what I needed” when she opens a crate full of instant-health vials.

No that is not what we needed Moze, we haven’t had any health points to heal since like level 20

Plus I’m one of those loner singleplayer only guys, so “team oriented” gameplay elements usually just bite me in the a$$.

Yes, this is an extremely frustrating behavior. I’ve searched for comments on this over the past week or so without finding any and was about to start my own thread. Gearbox definitely needs to re-balance the health/ammo drops for Moze when running thin red line. I have six points in it and have to spend a ton of money on ammo! That’s not right. Not to mention the annoying comments from Moze every time she sees a health vial. That gets old quickly too!


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It’s also pretty bad in co op, cause ammo drops are reduced for everyone, not just moze.

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I spend so much more mullah on ammo than I would without the perk.
And I think it also affects the amount of cash drops, because things like the small safes, tool boxes, mail boxes etc. usually gave me money. But now its friggin damn health vials.

Moze however seems super-duper thrilled to find all these useless health vials. It’s making me question her sanity.

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I find the health vials very convenient. It’s how I stay alive with SoR/BM - that is, without Vampyr. But then again BM doesn’t have ammo problems.