Things about Montana

I don’t play battleborn. Ever since I heard that it sucks, I will not play it because of it value in low gameplay.

I was surfing and found out that the character Montana is actually from Brothers in Arms Furious 4. For those of you would know, I came from the Brothers in Arms thread which is which you won’t see me anywhere else.

Anyway, ever since Furious 4 was a failure, I guess GBX wants to put one of the character in their now recent title.

I guess that is all I going to say.

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Thanks for the heads up?

And I will now ask the very question entirely too many people are still asking about Battleborn.

What is Brothers in Arms?


When the trial comes out I suggest you reevaluate :slight_smile:
As long as you’re not on PC or Australia the matchmaking is great, and even if one or the other if soloing is your thing the PVE is great

And you’re incorrect. According to Pitchford, this game kept on going through design changes until they scrapped that plan and made it into battleborn. He is a remnant. The game was not a failure, they just had a different vision


If you go to other Gearbox games, Brothers in Arms is the first independent game that GBX ever made. Very awesome and is one of the best WWII games ever.

I had to google that. I am glad they created BB, I don’t like fps games that glorify wars. I need some aliens or something


Thanks for the heads up.

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So you heard it sucks, and that means the game is bad?
I’m sorry, but maybe starting a topic this way on a BATTLEBORN part of the forum isn’t a good idea. Especially if ya haven’t played it.



Isn’t Battleborn all about wars and warfare, though?

I mean, an evil empire is trying to wipe out literally everything in the universe and beyond…

I believe she means that she doesnt like realistic war games. she is all about the sci fi war games.

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Yea, but this is in an entirely different universe with an entirely different set of physics. It’s not based on earth. I think war is bad (I know, controversal) and I don’t want to play a game that glorifies it. It’s not COD.

Pretty much what @lostkrouu said.


@vegancookies5 @lostkrouu

Understood and makes perfect sense, thanks!

I’m sorry that I said it but that what I’ve heard from major game publishers such as IGN or GameInformer.

If Batteborn is an awesome game than so be it! I’m not trying to make the game sounds bad. But GBX should really focus at hands of trying to finish games such as Brothers in Arms.

But the thing with the major ones are, that I feel like they can’t be trusted.
And I will never, EVER trust reviews for a game with a steep learning curve. Really, how much time do you think those people really spend on playing that game? And they also know that if their review is negative, nobody cares because it’s only Battleborn. If the person writing the review would have hated Overwatch, I’d doubt he’d write that because that would make literally the entire world upset.
But that’s just what I personally think. And of course, a lot of reviews are still way too opinion based and IMO a review should based mainly on facts.

I just really don’t think you should start a topic that you HEARD a game is bad, which kinda implies you haven’t played it… And that is something a lot of people in this community don’t like since we hear it a lot.

Anyways, I went to google about this Montana and woah, I think this is pretty cool. Thanks for coming in here to notify us about this.


No problem but thanks for telling me about not trusting the publishers and all the other nonsense, I’ll keep it in mind.

It’s weird how I figure this out cause I was too busy trying to find news about Brothers in Arms and I ran into this.

I’m surprised it turned out to be true, not another “they just stole characters from another game, what a lame” :slight_smile:

But Montanas Song originates in Battleborn, right?

Still the best piece of Lore I unlocked so far.


Brothers in Arms was published by Ubisoft from what I could find. Best bet would be to appeal to them.

Also you’re 7 months late with the reference.

Not exactly but Ubisoft was the publisher of the game. You are quite aware that you can find the Brothers in Arms forum right here in this site.

But like I said above, Montana was from the cancelled Furious 4 so GBX decided to put him here.

God, where have you guys been when GBX made Brothers in Arms? You don’t know they’re first game that they made independently?

First time I heard of Gearbox was Borderlands. I doubt I’m alone in that fact.


Try and go into the forum and head into what I called, “the forgotten games” that GBX made. But you’ll find it there.