Things Battleborn does Right, and all the other junk it does poorly on

Things Battleborn does right… a topic thats as much opinion based as it is based off experience in game.
(Going into this I know full well i’m gonna get a lot of FLACK for things i’m about to type down, but they still need to be said.)

  1. It has an awesome story that is a lot of fun to play over and over again.
    It feels different, it feels like the world is worth exploring and expanding upon.

  2. The characters are both fun to play and well fleshed out. Each having unique friendships and backstories that both intrest and bother you!

  3. A feel that puts Overwatch to shame.
    I currently own BOTH Overwatch & Battleborn and honistly i’ve come to prefer Battleborn as my go to game to play with friends and on Twitch. Overwatch may have fancyer graphics and a slightly interesting world, but the way Blizzard did it makes it feel like a chore to play. Rather then make you happy to play, five rounds of Overwatch have always left me feeling disappounted and frankly unfulfilled. Well Ten or even more rounds of Battleborn have left me feeling the exact opposite as well as feeling, so much more.

Now comes the sass and ramblings!

All the other JUNK that it does poorly.

  1. “RONIN BOTS” Tremendously overpowered and frankly my single most hated enimy in the game it self.
    You’re not a true player if the sight of THREE Ronin Bots turning the corner in a Advanced, Advanced Hardcore or an Operation does not either make you panic or scare you in some way shape or form.
    They can easily one or even two shot you and on higher levels are either incredibly tough to kill or almost impossible to kill.
    They’re WAY over used and they make the game soo much less fun to play.

  2. As the main story is the high point in the game it boggles my mind to try and understand why its not longer, and why we can’t get DLC stories that are not Operations?!
    If people enjoy it and it flows better then the Op’s then why can;t we just have more already?
    Laziness, Lack of money or time, creativity whats getting in the way of that?!

  3. The unwillingness to either re-work some characters or even try to balance them, in a way that is remotely agreeable. theres quite a few characters that need a re-work desperately in order to be remotely useful in most situations at all. Instead we get good characters NERFED into the ground and useless characters outright ignored! (ISIC, Galilea, and Miko all get the big nerf at almost every patch?!)

Some characters are even placed in difficulty levels that are outright wrong!

Example Aloni (Probably spelled her name wrong) Should be in “EASY” mainly because you don’t need much experience playing healer to do well with her.

Well Miko should be in advanced, with her you absolutely NEED to have experience, have all the right gear and have to understand how she works, as well as if you take just a few wrong helix’s you’ve made a mistake and the failure of the mission or match is on you!

  1. Loot drops have gone from " OH WOW WHAT DID I GET to OH GOD PLEASE NO MORE GOD DAMN COINS!!!"

The old loot system worked alot better the current “CORE” loot pack is just a 90% chance at junk and coins, and almost a 1/10th chance at a Skin or Taunt. The current Battleborn day fetured items should be what we have available all the time it would just work a HELL of a lot better then how it is now!

  1. This is gonna be an unpopuler statement no matter what, New and low level players should be LOCKED OUT of Advanced and Hardcore missions until at least level 40 or 50 that way there at least not a detriment to their teams when ever they join a match.

6.Gearbox Battleborn does not WORK as a kids game, it works better for teens and up. It’s actually difficult in a fun way and with more work can be even better, but you need to market it in a way that gets the croweds you will need to keep making money.

That’s all I have for now if I come up with more I’ll put more but for now I think i’m about set.
If anything here upsets you then OK be upset I don’t care i’m not gonna be PC becouse you got upset, and if you agree or have some feedback or counter arguments that are ACTUALLY arguments then i’m all eyes?
Ears? You get the idea…


Get shield penetration gear and any helix with extra dmg on shields, they are easy without their shields.

Ppl rly rly hated how long and unforgiving the missions were. Pvp players disliked a lot all the work needed for gear.

Players didn’t want to learn or care enough…

What are you talking about? They did that with caldarius, alani and thorn. They are not changing helix based on pve tho… Only on pvp.

Of you are speaking about faction packs and epic packs, you are wrong.

I bought 58 jenerit faction packs, i got 1 legendary.
I got 10 jennerit faction commander pack and got 3 legendaries.
I bought 25 core packs and got 1 legendary.

Maybe im un/lucky idk. But i can show you my market history to show you how many packs i had to bought looking for voxis core.

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Almost every patch?
Isics balance was last touched in July 21, 2016. Last nerf Miko got was in the same patch. Most recent change to Miko was a buff to his ultimate. (Nothing in-between, except small change to spore appearance)

And Galilea is extremely deserving of nerfs. Shame the devs have shown a completely wrong approach to them so far.


What’s weird is that in the last AMA, Grant said they were going to rework Mellka and Galilea at the next patch (yes, that fabled Galilea rework.) And he said specifically this:

As we all know, few days later, they nerfed her venom and said it was because she was being too much of a venom-using harasser. Some fantasy.

I have no idea what is going on with the fabled Galilea rework (the very first rework they promised), but I’ve stopped listening to what the team says about balance and now I just watch what they do. What they say sometimes make sense. What they do rarely ever does.


I think the biggest thing they don’t do right is the way they change the game modes for the worst. I’m not saying the game modes didn’t need a tiny bit of change for a more clear cut and efficient way for the stronger team to win, but they put a brick on the accelerator and drove the car off the cliff.

Also I do agree they should’ve added a few more missions to the story line to make it longer. They set up a whole gallivanting fight against the Varelsi across multiple universes and we only get the last 4-5 hrs of the fight. It would be cool to explore different worlds and such. You could make mission where only x BB could be played to really tie the feel back to.

Shield pen, gear is a waste in alot of situations, and not all characters have good sheild pen helix.

WHAT? The missions are not even long enough for that to really make sense. It’s how long you take which makes a big difference!
Most if not all PVP players aren’t the best people to listen to on “STORY” Most are either COD fanatics or fresh from Overwatch where story is said to exist but not really.

Most who are currently involved in the forum at large, did learn and do care!

What are you talking about yourself? ISIC got nerfed recently into the ground, Galilea does in fact get nerfed almost every patch. Miko got nerfed alot during the start and still has been getting nerfs throughout the year!

No you are the one who is wrong, i’m not talking about legendery gear you do get a bunch of that a lot.
I’m talking about how frequently you get coins and just how rare it has become to get skins or taunts, 99% of the time I’ve gotten 3 things of coins from commander pack after commander pack.

If I showed you my market history you would be really freaked out by the insane coin chance I and my mates seem to have!

Yes that is pretty much correct check the patch notes!

I think you’re slightly off in one point here, the cosmetics(skins and taunts) are found in the packs but after you unlock them any time it would show up again it offers you credits so as you unlock more things it makes it more likely you’ll get credits than more cosmetics…so I guess congratulations on having so many things already?

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venom from her ARM. not her GUN.

Problem was people relied exclusively on her gun but are now encouraged to go in for the melee.

1 characters dont need gear for pve, so shield penetration is not a waste if ronins are giving you a hard time.

2 today i invited a couple of friends to play bb, took them 1:29 hrs to finish the algorythm with 2 life left. They liked it but got frustrated in some points, like the first miniboss spliting in two and the bridge.

3 isic is a monster, is my bf’s main. He doesnt have any complain, he is not unplayable like el dragon was. Galilea is a monster too in pve hardcore with regen build. Miko is the best healer with the best sustain.

4 i have every single skin and taunt from packs. Why would you complain if you get 1500 credits from dups. I run ops a lot with my bf hunting the last legendaries we miss.

Have you played overwatch? Dups worth 25 coins, a legendary skin cost 1k and event skins 3k. Im so ■■■■■■■ hapy with battleborn system.

Could you tell us whats wrong with isic, galilea and miko? I cam run any mission exept eliophage alone with miko

This is getting old. What’s so bad about ISIC? He’s incredibly strong.


They don’t understand isic.

Isic used to be played in x way and ppl refuced to use it in other way.

Isic hits hard and can tank ranged heroes like none else. His ult hits to hard and he has 3 ways to mitigate dmg.

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Incredibly strong at being worse than Toby… :smirk:

Ahh, I’m just messing, obviously; my heart always skips a beat when i see ISIC activate Omega Strike.


Can someone else handle this one? I’m tired.

edit: ■■■■ it, I’ll just do it.

Her gun still does much more damage than her melee
Her gun damage was buffed as well, there was no incentive added for her to melee whatsoever, if anything the incentive is now less
Regardless of anything else she cannot apply venom “from her arm,” so that was obviously a slip on Grant’s part. The key point is that Grant said they envision her as a mobile harasser who uses venom, and then they nerfed her in such a way as to weaken exactly that playstyle

PS: we have already had this conversation that one time you claimed Mellka’s melee was “devastating” and everyone reacted with great amusement. Nothing has changed.


Had to fight like 15 Ronins in Oscar Mikes DLC. Me and my teammates just quit.

You should see @lequizachris meele ppl with melka.

Sometimes i use beatrix to make his meele melka do insane dmg

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Dont get me wrong! Droolzilla and i spent a good amount of time, trying to find a decent helix and gear.

Yes i could boost someone else, but once i see him on a target i know i need to help him to finish a target.

I would do the same with anyone. But melka has this stigma of being harmless or to hard to hit thst ppl ignore her untill is to late.


I just can’t keep up with the misinformation that goes around though. months ago, I spent hours painstakingly recording all her damage data and making it widely available, and still all I see is people talking about how they feel when they hit things.

Anyway, I told myself I’d let this all go. I lapsed. That was a mistake. Time to stick to the original plan.

edit: tell you what though, I wish I’d had someone who was willing to play support for me. :disappointed: I’m glad Drool has you watching his back


Mathematically u r right, and i am a mix maxer too. The only point i see on melka is how agil and low cd her skills are.

It needs a lot of skill (like urs and drool) but she is force to be reckon, anyone who dares to ignore her is pretty much dead.

If you see me on bb and im not in a party, usually im solo or with drool (i dont like to ditch ppl) invite me.

I will always play support or help you :wink:

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Her skills have low cooldown, but the noticable wind-up on Lunge and Spike makes them utterly gross in red bar when trying to work them into melee. Lunge rarely even bothers to connect in red bar, as we all know… and I can even Spike people point-blank and have nothing happen, which is one of the very worst.

I don’t play BB anymore, but I really appreciate the offer. :slight_smile: