Things I have pondered.....Enlighten me please

  1. Is any portion of Oscar Mikes Grenade attack counted as “Attack Damage”??? Or is all of the Grenade Attack counted as “Skill Damage”???

  2. Do Any Critical Hit bonuses come into play if you hit an opponent in the head with an OM Grenade???

  3. I have a legendary Mod called “Bola’s Target Finder” where the 3rd Bonus is "Damaging enemies with skills increase damage dealt to them by 5.61% for 10 Seconds. With OMs Grenade being AOE does that mean EVERY tick of AOE will be increased by 5.61%?? I already understand that any other BB’s assaultt on this enemy will have an increase of 5.61% as well as any rifle fire or melee from me. Wondering about the AOE side of the house… and how this piece of gear would also affect Air Strike.

  4. I have another Legendary mod called “Bunker Buster” whose 3rd Bonus is “Adds Shield damage equal to the Shield Penetration Percentage” My question there is it the player’s OVERALL shield Penetration percentage?? The combination of this Legendary’s pecentage (usually around 20%) as well as helix skills and other pieces of gear…all added up? Or just this legendary’s percentage? I’m thinking that 3rd bonus could be HUGE on damaging an enemy shield if you had another piece of gear and a helix skill…could be as high as 50-80%

Any thoughts/guidance/experience in these areas appreciated.

No, it’s all skill damage. Attack damage on refers to damage from you main, alt, and quick melee attacks (if there’s a bonus to any of these from your passive, like Thorn’s curse, that is considered skill damage, not attack damage).

The Bola’s effect refreshes itself every time an enemy takes damage from one of your skills (I believe this even includes DoTs, so it’ll last for 10 seconds after the last DoT tick). Yes, it also applies to your own damage. If an enemy takes 100 damage from a skill, it will then take 106 (5.6 rounded up) on the next hit (if it’s within 10 seconds).

No clue about the other 2.

  1. Most likely not, as in many cases explosions have no crit, like with Radiant Halberd. Not super sure though.
  2. Yes yes yes. This works very well on him. Remember though, values are multiplicative. So it’s 1.20 x 1.60 for example, not 1.20 + 1.60.
    And anything Kitru said is right.

Unsure if the grenade can crit. My guess would be no, but just a guess.

Bunker buster bonus is for all shield penetration. The problem is that this is only useful while an opponent has a shield (since the bonus damage is done to the shield). Basically, the amount of damage that bypasses the shield is also done to the shield, until there is no shield left. For a heavily shielded enemy, that’s pretty cool, but it is situational.

I’ve tested bunker buster and can show this clip using whiskey foxtrots level 10 100% shield pen mutation I tested it in a private match with some friends

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Thanks to all!

Agree the Bunker Buster is situational…

I’m thinking of Incursion matches and the Sentry.

If a correctly equipped OM takes on the Sentry’s shield with that high of a damage quotient, I’m thinking he could drop the shield fairly quickly then drop Air Strike for some really fast damage and points. Followed by a quick cloak and bug out…A quick way to get some fast points off the Sentry in Incursion.

Huh. I was under the mistaken impression that shield pen didn’t affect the sentry. Wondering if that is a bug. Actually, hard to tell if the sentry’s health is going down or not.

I don’t think it is going down…but the shield is dropping like paper…it is DEFINITELY creaming his shield.

It would probably take OM 3 Mags to do it but I think my theory is very feasible…

A trade off…of course…OM would be less effective at wave clearing but if he can dash in and actually take points off the sentry…it’s a consideration

bunker buster turns shield pen into bonus damage to shields, the 14 second video was me taking down the shield ONLY

[quote=“Misguided, post:7, topic:1543524, full:true”]Actually, hard to tell if the sentry’s health is going down or not.

I don’t think its hp is going down at all, mainly because, if his damage was high enough to melt the shield that quickly, you would most definitely see the sentry’s hp do down from 100% shield pen. My guess is that the Bunker Buster + 100% shield pen is allowing him to deal 200% damage to the shield (shield pen does nothing on its own but Bunker Buster adds an extra 100% damage because of the shield pen), which is why he melted it so quickly.

more than that, I had a 40% shield pen on top of the 100% shield pen

that was an extra 140 damage per bullet over standard shots

If I configure OM correctly…and with the two pieces of gear I want to use…I think I can get his shield penetration percentage to close to 116%

That would be a massive blow to shields. And I would start the attack with a napalm AOE Grenade which definitely helps shield damage

Wait a second, if you have 100 shield penetration, do you get the bonus damage against shields applied to health, as it bypasses the shield entirely? This could be amazing.

No…Shield Pen Doesn’t work on the Sentry…but Shield DAMAGE does…

It would simply be a VERY fast way to drop a sentry’s shield. Which is always the problem on any push, By the time you drop his shield you have expended most of your firepower and bots and used up a lot of health…you have to retreat to try again.

On other heavily shielded enemies…well…yeah…

Damn you! I had just settled in to really liking my shard generator VoZF and gun grease load out and now I have to consider this awesome shenanigan?

Grumble grumble grumble grumble…

That vid also didn’t have combat rythm active either lol

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i’m sorry, I like thinking of how to take things to the extreme. please note I have many different “troll” builds I have tried for different setups including a shard generating kleese(plasmite transducer and kleese’s lore legendary and a full rift network means him sitting in the open will create TONS of shards if no one is smart enough to take out his network)

WF’s Level 10 is perfect for this

But with OM…it might be a shade slower…just a shade…

And he could do it virtually at level 7 … with Air Strike

So he not only drops the shield…but can also actually damage the sentry with Air Strike once tha shield drops.

And he still has his cloak left to bug out.

one other thing to consider, mellka venom does the bonus damage also in my experience, mellka at level 2 I can get the sentry shield like 30% down by myself with only some trouble


Even better…

OM or WF AND Melka launch a surprise attack on the Sentry one from the lane or perch…other from the tunnel.

It’s coordinated…they both hit at the same time

And the Sentry’s shield goes down like paper …

Might take a little practice and a tad situational… but I think it’s entirely doable.

it’s not that easy though, my build currently needs 2 oranges and an epic because I don’t have another item with shield pen as a secondary that costs about a thousand. it’s doable but not early game(the reason I found out about the level 2 was I was on the bad end of matchmaking so I decided to do some testing)