Things I have to trade make offers looking for rare sntl cryo stuff

Would you be interested in a SNTL Protuberance ?$_57

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Neat, would love your Killswitch SNTL shield if that’s ok for you.
PSN: EzioILMentore

I have lot’s of Sntnl Cryo as it’s my main, anything in particular you are looking for?

I was looking for sntl cryo lumpsx2 but j got those do you have any with splash? 100 weapon ase stuff is always good.

I have a Cryo Redistributor with SNTL 100% Cryo. I’m really interested in the Kill switch shield. I have a few more. I’m send the list in a few minutes.

Also got a shock lump x2 with 125% aoe dmg and x2 rad one with 100% ASE if you’re also interested in that

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What would you want for the cryo sntnl x’s 2 lump? I’ve got just about most things with sntnl