Thing's I would like to see Gearbox do to make Battleborn last longer

Thing’s I would actually like to see…

Maybe Rework some of the characters, like Melka, Isic, Benedict, and Ernest.

I personally think Melkas abilities are really bland and lazy looking and feeling, maybe they could go for an elemental or spirit rework?

Really Isic for being a “TANK” is not all that tanky, I think he needs maybe more shields and he could be a great shield tank. I also think if they changed his pew pew gun into a contact “LASER” he would be a lot more fun to play.

Maybe change Benedict’s ult to ither a swarm of missles or give him invulnerability well his rocket is flying would be good too!

Well I tend to like Ernest in genreal I think his Ult is a bit disappointing, I mean if he just had a big bomb like a mini nuke i’d like that more because the mine feald at least to me feels underwhelming!

They could at more Taunts and skins as well as show us what skins and taunts we don’t have yet and even make them affordable with credits “NOT PLAT” so the completionists out there like myself can feel complete.

On the Topic of skins, maybe add skins from characters found in some of the DLC, like FAT Mike, Chef Mike or Loneshark Mike?

Maybe rework the story missions to work like op’s so you almost can’t fail, add unique mini bosses like a Rath fan club of Ronin bots or other things like that?

Give us more characters based of ones fans have put forth!

They could make it Free to Play. “Although I don’t think that would really help much but thats just me!”

They could give us more then one way to finish a charaters lore challenge!

They SHOULD at gamemodes like Free for all and team deathmatch, to add more variety to multiplayer
Even adding new weapons and skins that change how a character works?!

Heck if they make a sequil they could at least let us keep our character and loot progress?

Theres still so much potential left in this game before the devs just give up and move on to Borderlands 3,
We as a community need to try harder to keep this Great game alive and strong!


A few things I’d like to see are:

  • Give people a way to find and join open lobbies. This button is sad and lonely in it’s menu. No one can find you.

  • Get rid of queues and add something to browse for enemy teams (with some skill indicators to avoid stomps before they happen) and start direct matches if both teams agree. Queues only cause troubles and are restrictive. Direct matches could open up the whole game at any time (from draft to […] Rumble).

  • Ceterum censeo legendaries esse delendam. At least in PvP. Most of them are either broken or completely useless - there’s but a hand full of “balanced” items. Farming for them also is nothing but hoping that RNG has a good day and it’s just frustrating to get a min roll - that costs the same as a max roll and therefore is a big ripoff - after many failed attempts. I don’t care in PvE or Bots Battle. Don’t need them to finish the missions and if others think it’s fun to trivialize them it’s not my problem, but the PvP in this game is plagued with balance issues and the characters and helix options alone produce enough work. Gear only makes the situation worse and there is too much orange stuff that just isn’t any fun to go against. For character legendaries: I’d prefer if the effect on them would be turned into a sixth mutation.

Edit: Whoops, missed the part that this was posted in the PS4 section. My wishes are a little biased by playing on PC …

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Mellka’s abilities may seem bland on the surface, but in PvP, its a whole other world of freedom. What she really needs is Venom back, or better helix options. Maybe an Ultimate upgrade too. But altogether, she is a lot of fun, if you can learn her playstyle. (Pro tip, the learning curve is almost undifined :sunglasses:).

So yeah, Mellka only needs Helix changes and some buffs to venom now (Maybe changing entire helix’s to better spec Mellka as Melee, or Harassing Assassin. Oh, and a health buff.)

My ideas are very general, but alot of posts have been made on possible ways to buff Mellka and keep her in check, and I generally agree with them. I agree with everything @edensophia Says about Mellka too.

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