Things I'd like to see changed for Casual palyers

I am an older class of gamer. I have been playing since the 70s old D&D, all the way through to computer games etc then internet and now online playing. There is one thing that has always upset and annoyed me greatly about almost all online gaming. Yours for the most part bypasses this. (for the MOST part). I have nerve damage in my arm and hand… and I am ex-infantry, I have done all the REAL life PVP I ever wanted to do… I am saddened and annoyed that all games force players to PVP and I am annoyed that most companies cater to only the Pvp players. WoW everquest etc… if a PVPer or Raider complains… Oh suddenly a fix appears… a casual player… ( which is one who plays cause they love the game and will not keep quitting) is ignored. Ok… so… now that I have given some history leading to the question and the urged fix to Battleborn. Please… Please fix the lores so that a casual player who plays only co-op with his daughter, and hates pvp, can complete the lores of all 30 characters. I am now at the point where the only characters i do not have lore finished with are pvp must do lores.

Ok that is my question and suggestion and my request… please fix lores so casual players can achieve the lores without Pvp.

thank you


With the exception of Kelvin (some people say the stun challenge works, some say it doesn’t …), every lore challenge can be completed in Bots Battle. These are games in the PvP modes, but against AI and much more slower pace than the real PvP.

Games usually look like that (ignore the disconnect, that Marquis had multiple connection errors and was kicked from the match all the time and just was unlucky to not get in anymore when the match finished):

Give it a shot. It’s not as stressful and difficult as PvP. :slight_smile:


They made bots battle for pve players who wants to finish lore.

And the reason behind pvp… Is more content for less work. How you ask?

Well probably u know how to exploit the weakness of the ai like thralls: if you shoot to their feet they will always kneel giving you free crits.

But in a pvp game other players are the “ai” but they always change, improve and become unpredictable, they only make 1 thing (the map and rules) and give Infinit game play hrs unlike normal pve, they need to make new maps for each level/stage new monsters, variations, actions and interactions.

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A non-issue.

Play Bots Battle. Gearbox provided the method to complete PvP related lore and dailies. Use it.

It’s under Public Versus.

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Totally agree!
btw enlisted in 79, have 30% use of my left arm from battle damage.
Semper Fi

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