Things I'd Like to see changed in Mayhem 2.0

Mayhem 2.0 is a great concept! But like Borderlands 2, I’m seeing design trends that I do not like.

  1. Actions Skills not feeling powerful. As we go up in power our action skills damage can’t catch up. A way to scale their damage with mayhem would be great.

  2. No way to tell What Mayhem Level a gun is at. This is… incredibly annoying. Not sure how to fix it, but frankly not knowing if I got a mayhem drop or not makes me wonder why If mayhem loot is working.

  3. A way to Remove Modifiers. I like some of the new modifiers, and dislike others. but having an option to flat out disable all of them would be nice for easy weapons testing and a standardized game play experience where i don’t have to reroll things.

  4. Consider letting rerolls respawn bosses to make farming quicker.

Anyone have any thoughts on what else they’d like changed?

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