Things not to do while OneLifing

I’ve got way too many thousands of hours in BL2 on Xbox, PS4 and Steam but can’t stop.

Now I only one-life, and have developed a list of things NOT; to do while onelifing. These are side-quests or areas that don’t need to be done for story mode, and have a high probability of killing you. My list, what’s yours?

First, areas to avoid;

Caustic Caverns. Stay away. The crystalisks and thrashers with their absurdly high accuracy and DOTs are nasty. No need to go there, stay away.

Lynchwood. Not as bad as Caustic, but still can be hazardous. Not necessary, don’t go.


Hidden Journals. OK in normal mode, but in TVHM or UVHM the badass fire thresher by the 3rd (my count) journal has downed me during his initial spawn, and I’ve failed to revive. Not worth the risk.

Symbiosis. Not a particularly hard mission, but the risk is high (particularly in normal mode) of getting killed. DOn’t need a kerblaster, don’t do this.

All slaughter domes/arenas. I’ll use the first 2-3 rounds to level up, but avoid the final rounds to keep from dying.

Cordially Invited Party Prep: Madame Von Bartlesby can often down you and if you’re not careful with minion varkids you may not have a second wind target available. The baby maker isn’t worth it.

Capture the flag. Not really dangerous, just a (in my opinion) tedious quest that doesn’t provide much of a reward for the amount of buzzard dodging you need to do.

Other things

Getting out of your car in The Dust. “Death Awaits the walker of the Sands” says the mage. You will probably get smashed by something with no chance of a second wind. Keep all arms and legs in the vehicle at all times.

Falling. Yeah, easy to say and potentially easy to do. But I’ve fallen off the Control Core and in Sawtooth like a dope.

Out-of-bounds. Easy to avoid . But again, I’ve done it. Once when trying to retrieve a bandit part that had gone over the edge in The Dust. Then, the most ignominious, I took my technical into Henry’s lair thinking “Safer, I’ll just barrel him to death”. He tail-flipped me and the truck out of bounds for an early end to that one-life run.

Barrels. I know, obvious. But the other night I was in Sawtooth doing the Ambush Commanders and went up to a railing to get a good shot, saw a corrosive barrel next to me and said “I should get rid of that” and stupidly didn’t. 10 seconds later I’m watching the acid kill me with no-one within range to revive from. Shoot all the barrels!