Things that annoy and/or piss you off in games

I know I made one specifically for “Borderlands 2”…:

…but just in general, what annoys and/or pisses you off?

  • Daily rewards (rather than a set number available for a given week).
  • DLCs…usually
  • This: The "What pissed you off today thread" V2
  • Timed missions
  • Adverse difficulties and/or levels equaling lies. “Destiny” does that VERY BADLY with low-level enemies that have the defense of high-level enemies:
  • QTE madness. It’s good in moderation, but not like “Resident Evil 6”.
  • Speaking of “Resident Evil 6”, camera-jacking for objects that may not interest you
  • And to an extent, this bulls*** in the Brzak fight where you’re swimming toward land…and the camera switches to point towards the Brzak (shark). If you don’t switch the direction you’re holding, you end up stopping dead…or possibly swimming towards it:

My hate list:

  • Timed missions.

  • Escort missions.

  • Protect missions.

  • Forced stealth.

  • Quick time events. - Button inputs flashing on screen completely kills immersion for me.

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Edited my post for inclusion of (and agreement with) yours.

Also, it might just be me, but “Destiny” players that die repeatedly seem to get punished with spawns occurring at sequentially further (to a point) distances. Sucks if this happens while taking part in an event or fighting a Champion. Gonna have to confirm…maybe tonight. If true, then add that. Thankfully, it’ll never be a problem for “Borderlands” players as they have the checkpoints (including FTS) for a (more-or-less) fixed spawn location.

On forced stealth, I don’t mind stealth missions where you may have to fight your way out; when you do have to fight your way out, that becomes another matter.
Then there’s the case of ninja-or-fail – that can get aggravating, but its not as stupid as “Ghost Recon: Future Soldier”, where the missions are usually stealth-or-Rambo optional (although there’s sections of forced stealth), with each mission ending in a scripted firefight. For all of your cardboard boxing, Murphy’s Law goes, well, Rambo. (Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, but there’s just THINGS about it…)

[quote=“AMG_75, post:2, topic:1553906”]My hate list:

Timed missions.
Escort missions.
Protect missions.
Forced stealth.
Quick time events. - Button inputs flashing on screen completely kills immersion for me.
[/quote]It’s like you read my mind.

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Plz that game is a masterpiece, my favorite character is nameless soldier following Ada.

Basically what everyone else said but I’d add lackluster options menu.

Also, water/ice levels.

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I’ll add to these… Racing parts. I hate hate racing mini missions especially when they tell you you must get first place to advance. It’s like this is stupid, this isn’t fun and why… WHY.

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  1. Too much focuse on how a game looks
    -Just give me a game that plays well in the first instance, shiny stuff can come after

  2. Overly complex stories that detract from gameplay

  3. Being on blooming rails

  4. Rematered games
    -Yes they can be fun, nostalgic, but I would rather they bring me new content

  5. Multiplayer DLC
    -This should always be free, so you don’t split your player base

  6. Wide worlds, no content

  7. Those companies that nickel and dime you


I disagree. RE5 was generally great – RE6 was a double-edged sword of a sequel. I wrote up my piece on it here (post #102):

It was a joke.

RE5 and RE6 are both so bad they are amazing.

Ah, too subtle for me.

forced online only.

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I thought the nameless soldier who follow Ada was clear enough haha, for real though the fact that the coop partner for Ada is just a random soldier that dissapers in cutsceens and cant even open doors is hilarious.

Another thing, cheap difficulty.

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Amanda Tapping contributes to that:

Soldier used to be able to open doors…somewhere…somewhen…

Low field of view (I.E. Borderlands 1’s FOV is way too low for me to enjoy proper, and gives minor tunnel vision)

Non-justifiable regenerating health (interestingly enough, some games I love get away with it)

This. It even bloody annoys me in Battleborn.

And this. I can’t handle time limits all that well, leading me to rush and make unnescecary mistakes.

And these all aswel. Bloody annoying.

And in alot of cases, games simply lose my interest on grounds of being too linear.

I can agree to alot of things in here. Big ones for me being:

Quick Time Events. Teletale aside, this system gracing a game out of the blue its like… Okaaaaaaay WTF is this doing in here. One game for example: Space Marine.

Alright time to kick a giant Daemon Princes ass with… wait… WAIT. NO. ANYTHING BUT QUICK TIME! THIS ■■■■ JUST GOT RUINED! WHAT THE ■■■■ SERIOUSLY. The whole game was brutal bloody action and satisfaction and it ends with a ■■■■■■■ quick time event!

Escort/Protect is always irritating because of the retarded AI of your escort. Hey buddy I’m trying to protect you! WHY ARE YOU WALKING OVER THERE INTO THE LINE OF FIRE OF ALL THE THINGS. NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!1111111ONE

Timed mission making one all anxious because omfg time limit. Some aren’t bad at all, but when you get one that has to be PIXEL PERFECT, then the blood boils!

Bad FOV will give me eye strain/headaches very easily.

UNNECESSARY HAND HOLDING! Dear lord… Has humanity lost a few brain-cells for this to be a thing now! When I encounter this, I feel insulted!

The “I just have to hide behind some wall or something and regenerate my health” bullcrap. It totally trivializes game difficulty. It is also hand holding. Don’t worry you can never die!

Online only… the sad sad future :frowning: No matter what steps a company makes to protect their work, its just an other challenge to those who want to flex their hacking/programming skills.

And a big ruiner when it comes to online PvP, especially team work games is THE SORE LOOSER.

Here we have some kid, or even and adult, that literally has a childish tantrum in the first few minutes of the game if its not going their way. Or some random point late game making it even worse. It’s like watching a kid in the middle of my workplace sit down and scream their head off because mommy wont buy them what they want.

These types never work for a win, they just want it off a silver platter. If they think they are loosing they will just want to throw it.

They also think they are the greatest ■■■■ since sliced bread and will shove that e-peen in your face any chance they get.

If you play MOBA’s, competitive shooters (overwatch, counter strike) there is an extremely high change of running into a big baby busting a blood vessel over something trivial, thus ruining your entire round, aka thank you for wasting my time.

There is times when everyone knows the game is lost, and if its agreed to, then yes, lets end it now. But if its just one of those babies throwing the towel in on something that is completely salvageable its just… really dude…

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Forgot about this, but yes, it’s a recipe for quiting the game instantly for me.

“MGSV: The Phantom Pain” does treat you like an idiot quite frequently. On top of that, the gameplay has become pretty brainless with insane resource costs for development/deployment. The deployment cost alone deters you from ever really using the high-level things you shelled out to make.

Unskippable cutscenes.


Ice levels in the old Mario 64 and Sonic games were fun but in general, they are bad.

My biggest gripe with games is the fake-out boss battles.