Things that annoy you in online play

When people use a Kinect for a mic.

After reading this thread I have a great fear of accepting any gear from a public game. Someone initiated a trade with me last night. A sham, a norfleet, and some other legendary shield. I declined it because of fear.

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I know what you mean. I like public games but I now tend to not accept gear unless I can see where it’s come from, or I know the person.


What do you mean?

I can play on OP8. Sure, I asked for some help with getting there, but I knew that once I was there I was going to have to look at how I was playing and strategise accordingly. Which I did.

I will say I hit lvl72 on my own, with both my OP4 Axton and my OP8 Sal.

If you meant people that get powerlevelled to OP8 from lvl1, then disregard this post, and in foresight I apologise as I misunderstood.

That’s what I understood @steamnixtest to mean - not people who do digi as coop, which is something I completely understand. There’s a difference between asking for cooperative help and asking for passive levelling.

I can solo digi, and in some ways it’s easier, because you can go at your own pace and swap items easier, but can also be a massive chore. You can definitely do your bit in digi coop even if you’re playing with a higher level partner. People who join my game at level 40 and ask that I stop playing the DLC and take them to 60 are a different kettle of fish.

I understand that getting XP can be dull, and I don’t mind the occasional person dropping into my games if I’m not doing anything important (and if they’re nice). I want to help people have fun. Helping people (and getting help) through a difficult bit can really assist with that. But getting powerlevelled through normal (where it’s not that hard to level up) or ultimate (where the experience can be very valuable) doesn’t feel like that to me, so I tend not to proffer myself for the task.


@leonerog Gibbed and Modded items for Dummies (Don't be fooled by...)

Can’t state these enough:

  • check your manufacturer prefixes, and what they can/can’t produce. At the least, learn some of them – or at least Bandit/Jakobs/Torgue.
  • if the weapon’s appearance or name is suspicious, it probably is. Check it.

:expressionless: I don’t have a problem with one of mine, but we gotta have a chat about:

  1. sending multiple requests(?) to be invited. I got three messages in the span of almost 5 minutes (at a guess), and to the effect of “invite meee”. Like I said, I don’t mind dragging him, but messages that frequently and of that nature make me a bit reluctant to do so.
  2. loot priority to the host as a courtesy, even if the loot’s white. What happened was he grabbed a white Allegiance Relic (Bandit) while I was still examining it, and I couldn’t get back to him for some time because I got swarmed by Spiderants; when I was able to message him, he’d apparently dropped it somewhere.
  3. bringing a Binder/Nurse mod since he’s Lv50ish. At the least, I’m trying to find him one on the side.

The first and second happen, so I’m not outright pissed about 'em, but still…

My friend stole my Crit as it fell used it as blackmail to pay my 50 bucks i owe him haha. That I hated. Hate having crit fall off your hands as you reload but none the less I hate people gear stealing that isn’t theirs to begin with.

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YES! That weapon… I had a similar experience. Low level game so it was my only blue. Most galling part was my partner complaining about how they’d lost this amazing weapon and the game wasn’t protecting “their” loot


just 3? try 15 in the same span of time alternating between, “Invite Me”, “?”, “read My Messages” all while power leveling a group

True Borderlands players clock that when someone is in-game, answering Steam messages may well be a secondary priority!

LMAO. :joy:
That was awesome. F’ing hilarious. That was too good. Thank you.

Not sure if you know, and I apologize if you do. But if you do not manually reload the Crit, it will not fall our of your hands. Just trying to help. :wink:

Grr. Rant. My wrath has been (unusually) aroused.

Spent my whole evening having a hard but awesome time (much of it with @steamnixtest) storming the tower in Tiny Tina, from Hatred’s Shadow onwards. So many Ultimate Badass Skeletons! But we did awesomely and I’m getting a feel for OP8 Krieg now. All well.

Then just as I was about to go kill the Handsome Sorcerer my game crashes… Fair enough, not much lost, I restart, but forget to change my network options to ‘invite only’… some kid I don’t know adds me to their friend list and joins my game before I accept. Well why not, I mean, what could go wrong?

First of all the guy asks if I have any free OP8 gear. ‘No’. A free Sand Hawk? ‘No’. Then we go and fight the Sorcerer. This dude kills him with his Interfacer in about 3 seconds. I don’t know if that’s legit, I’ve never seen it done before, but - I worked for HOURS to get to that damn boss fight and he took it away from me before I could fire a single shot! [Incoherent scream]. Then says ‘add me’ and leaves.

We truly live in a dark, pestiferous world.


[quote=“LunaticOne, post:87, topic:1281924”]just 3? try 15 in the same span of time alternating between, “Invite Me”, “?”, “read My Messages” all while power leveling a group[/quote]It’s not about the count, but the action itself.

[quote=“hattieinduni, post:91, topic:1281924”]Well why not, I mean, what could go wrong?[/quote]Agh, why would you even ask THAT question?

And I know that feeling well. Hell, I sometimes get FRs from folks I don’t even know from outta the blue. I will admit to being annoyed most by the ones that send FRs when I first join, followed by after the session, although I won’t have much of a problem with the latter if they were civil.

[quote=“hattieinduni, post:91, topic:1281924”]Well why not, I mean, what could go wrong?[/quote]heh heh…


Hehe yes, I know :stuck_out_tongue: Lately I’ve been attempting to be a bit less fascist in booting people off my games, and I was concerned by the possibility (not having looked at this guy’s profile) that there was actually a reason he’d added me, and I’d be kicking my boss or something… I do often have fun playing with randoms, just… not always. :rolling_eyes:


when people join your game and see you’re trying to kill something for a quest and you’re having trouble with it and they just run away and try to do something else… insta kick every time


People streaming from their ps4 hosting insta-72 lobbies, drop lobbies, using modded backpack inventory and “helping” people with digi-peak runs while using obviously modded weapons…(I’m sure there is more I’m forgetting)…sigh…

Now, isn’t all this type of “helping” people against Sony t.o.s.??

Mods, sorry, I know we’re not supposed to talk of such things but this is very annoying in online game play for me and friends that play legit.

@barrk I know, right? I mean, you joined for a session – but why join if you’re not gonna help?

@darla In all fairness, if I’m having trouble with The Peak, I could care less about them using modded weapons to drag me through – the only thing I care about, as I’ve said before, is if they try to shove those modded items onto me, whether it’s a simple spewfest or aggressive trade attempts.

My main problem is… when nice people are (for want of a less controversial word) cheating. I don’t mind kicking random people who barring a set of curious circumstances I’m unlikely to see again, but when it’s a friend, even one I met online, telling them to change their playstyle feels kind of awkward. I don’t know, maybe it’s cause I’m British, it’s not always easy for us to stop being polite long enough to say something clearly and firmly :stuck_out_tongue:

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