Things that are bad in the New OP

First of, not being able to back track for missing OPs is really inconvient.

Second the Engine room. Why can’t we get from the Middle platform Back to the left / right / Entrance platform? Why can certain characters get stuck between the wall and the stairs? Why has this room a challenge with a 30 Seconds Time Limit? I hate this room so much.

Third why is the way to the boss so hard to reach for certain characters? I had huge problems progressing trough the second part as ISIC and Montana, won’t be any easier for Attikus I guess. Being hit by an attack you should dodge by “not jumping into it” while STANDING is really bad. The first and third wave is not too bad to manage, but the second simply is unbearable for those big guys.

This level could be sooooooo good for farming comander Packs since I yet have to encounter a one-hit-kill attack, but these things I listed just make me want to somehow grab that dang Skins and never come back to this OP ever.

Especially that stupid “Kill ten Minions in 30 seconds” challenge… why not one Minute like all the Random Story challenges?

If it would trigger in any other room it might be doable… but in the Engine Room?

Who ever had THAT idea is a SADIST. I want to grab this person, slab him/her and yell “Have you any IDEA of WHAT YOU HAVE DONE WITH THIS!” before slapping even harder repeatedly.

Really not consumer friendly, thats what this OP is.

Sure simple to clear, but you need A LOT more luck to get to 100 OPs than in the Thrall Rebellion.

And Luck based success is bad.

To clear that objective, you can jump to the far platform and disable part of the engine to open the hold and many minions and boom bots will appear, making this very easy FYI


Good Advice thanks for that :slight_smile:

Still, why 30 seconds? It beats me… I thought they knew people hate the time limits in the main Stories Challenges and would avoid such in the OPs…

agreed, still haven’t found the last OPS point a couple of times and I’m 0/2 with that 30 second challenge… I honestly don’t know if I’m going to get the 100 because idk what I’m missing….

Yeah, I hate timed things in all the games, not just Battleborn. it makes you play not by your own rules. They wanted to make the game “feel fresh” with all those rotating objectives, but this objective is actually what makes it very very linear. You have to get to that middle platform and activate one pad or otherwise you will fail 90% of the time. it’s just a one way ticket to success and it’s a bad design.

Why all other “kill this minion” objectives are not timed, but this one, where you have to kill 10 of them - is timed and you get only 30 seconds (activation of a pad = minus 10 seconds, so you have only 20 seconds max). Yeah it’s easy with those boom bots, but not everyone will think of that strategy or go to the forums to look for the answer.

If you want a challenge to be a challenge, why not just say: “kill all the minions in the engine room” or something like that. (It actually would be a pain in the ass for all the melee characters without range options in their kit ('cause of those snipers jumping around), but at least it would be doable all the time.)


Thanks @matrixltu and @epicender584 for mentioning that strategy, after the 13 playthrough I finally got my first 100 OPs run, which wouldn’t be possible without since it sticked to that one the last few attempts.

I think by now I know all the Chest locations so it shouldn’t be too hard.

The only downside is I just got the last faction Pack Reward, so from now on the Commander Packs are a lot less atractive…

Maybe I can buy some Legendary Packs while its still possible…


can the crit hit on the bot be achieved with a ranged hero? i’ve only seemed to be able to do this challenge with melee…

When you get to the Engine room:

  1. Run quickly to the edge of your current platform to start the challenge.
  2. Kill the minions that will jump there, about 5.
  3. Jump down to the left side, there will be a crowd of them there.

I aggree … it is a pain for bigger characters, to do the whole passage with Galilea took me 3 minutes with a smile on my face, with Toby i was near to have a nervous breakdown ^^ i wanted to throw the controller into the monitor.

I think GBX should change something there.

Best regards.

The lasers wouldn’t be so bad if they were easier to predict and there weren’t any that big characters couldn’t avoid. The ones you jump over seem fair but the ones that make you go from the far right or far left are hard for slow characters to avoid.

With big characters in the second hallway, you can hug the left wall very tightly and when you get hit, you’re wedge into the most recent “support beam” that pokes out of the wall a few inches so that you only get pushed back 1-2 feet max instead of 10-20ft. It’s a lot easier this way. You make steady progress with the patterns that you can jump over or that miss you and for the unavoidable ones they no longer set you back.

I really am not sure of the problem people are having in the hallway for bigger characters. Have done it with Kleese and ISIC and didn’t really struggle anymore than I did with the smaller characters.

For slower characters try running more move and sprint speed. I usually run at least one sprint speed gear for the ops.

Certain characters are so tall/wide that they can’t fit through the middle gap so they’re forced to cheese it. I don’t think it’s a big deal though.

Yeah, even with montana it was little more than an annoyance. I just had to time my waits in the shard rooms for the layered pattern to go by.

@theavarchivist @beta382

Right? It’s pretty basic platforming. At worse it’s an annoyance. If your really struggling with it you should probably take a second to refocus and try again


I still think the 30 second challenge is ridiculous, especially if you’re playing solo. Only 5 or 6 bots come out of that middle platform, and if you’re playing a support based character you can forget about it.

I failed this one a few times at first. Then I realized that I could rush mid and activate the shard pad and kill the shard, and suddenly I would be surrounded by minions. Minions that deal AoE damage when they die that counts towards your kills. Usually get all the kills with 10 seconds left.

The 30 second one is much easier with multiple players. I have never accomplished it alone. I feel like that about the story mode versions of that too, especially the ones involving swarmers and skulks. I think it is expecting more players and a higher spawn.

If this helps you or others with finding the OPS points:

0-1 points: Spawn area (1 spot only on the right side).
0-1 points: Second area (1 spot only on the far end of the second floor).
1 point: Elevator descending (Midway jump on the side with the container on the elevator. Another spot is behind the small stairs in the respawn/checkpoint area).
1 point: Boom-bot/Bonecrusher area (Near the boxes floating up. Another spot on the second floor in a corner behind a large container).
2 points: 3 Engines (Bottom floor: left side in upper right corner. Top floor: Middle walkway under the engine platform, Middle platform inside the room with the ronins/bulwark in far left corner, Right side behind the far pillar where the ronins/strikers spawn).
!!!At this point you have to have 85 OPS!!!
1-2 points: Conveyor Belt area (Bottom floor end of conveyor belt on top of a container. Another spot is top floor, as you use the jump pad, turn right and it should be between the wall and a container. Another spot is behind the container you jump on to advance to the next area. Another spot is behind the container on the right side after you made all your jumps).
1-2 points: Ronin/Elite w/ Thralls room before lasers (As soon as you enter, on the left side behind the holo-display. Another spot is at the end of the hallway there is a chest below the turret).
0-2 points: Laser hallways (End of the first laser hallway. Another spot is the end of the third/last laser hallway).

As far as the 30second challenge goes, jump down left or right to the bottom floor. Bunch of minions are there already and more will jump to you. Don’t stay on the second floor and wait for them to come to you.

For the engine, if you didn’t already know, there is a shard on each side (left, middle, right). Just look for the screen that flashes “ONLINE” on the screens. That’s the one that has the shard.

For the laser hallway and large characters, I agree that it’s very hard to traverse and smash all the crystals. Specifically the second hallway is almost impossible. The first and last hallways are easy.