Things That Are So Painful In BattleBorn I'd Pay Real Money (Platinum) To Address Them

Right what it says on the tin -

  • Finishing PvP Lore Challenges
  • Get a Specific Skin or Taunt from the Loot Packs
  • Better Allied AI in Private PvP (They literally get stuck on shards or in the spawn room while the enemy AI rolls the outnumbered players)
  • Protection from One Shots that aren’t telegraphed, i.e. MX.Elite Grenades, Brute Grenades in mid air on Advanced or High Ops Points, etc… Healthgating could be what’s sold, I dunno, but this takes a match from fun to none instantly =(
  • A Loadout Per Character rather than a Loadout Pool, because… 250+ items, 30 characters, 15 Loadouts, gud nuf?

This is just the short list off of the top of my head. These are things that create so much pain when playing that I’d laid down folding money to solve it.

The Loot Pack RNG and duplicate Skins / Taunts is crushing to morale. (50+ Jennerit Packs, 10 Commander Jennerit Packs, still haven’t found the ONE Ambra Taunt I want! ARG! Over 100,000 credits in!) The PvP Lore requirements are now nearly impossible on PC. The quality of life just slowly degrades as you try to invest more in this game. I want that quality of life back. I’m seriously, seriously, willing to invest in to it to make it happen.

Please GBX, take my money!


Thought I read they were thinking of making certain PvP lore challenges doable in private matches. Hope they actually follow through with that.
Actually hope they get around to making the general Private PvP match experience better overall. You’d be suprised how many casual gamers just want to play private or co-op vs bot matches, which is why most other games provide that type of experience.


I’d fight alongside my buddies against Xan in Unreal Tournament for hours, but would pack up from the LAN party when people insisted things go “Full PvP”. I just don’t like fighting humans, go figure…




Double credit boost and legendary packs ftw

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LMAO, I don’t do hardly any bot PVP, but I have seen some bots sitting in our base.

That’s right. Just sitting there. It’s almost like the AI has even grown tired of this game and left…

I’d like to add, getting revived with more health. Nothing beats getting picked up only to get downed again instantly over and over. Or hell, just make it work like bleed out in Borderlands.


In paragon I only play coop vs AI.

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I loved bleed out in Borderlands! A chance to get back in the game, a minigame that determines that, and that minigame helping the team! Brilliant! It wouldn’t make sense in PvP, but hey, maybe it’s not such a good idea to have the same exact mechanics for your PvP and PvE games?


I want a prestige system.


I want them to fix Phoebe’s phasegate. So many times has it been randomly cancelled for me. Sometimes damage cancels it out but other times it refuses to say that I phasgated in the first place


Plz no. That would definitely make this pay to win. Just gotta grind it out!

I do agree that the total amount of loadouts do need to be increased, because I definitely would prefer having one or more loadouts for each character.

I’ve actually stopped playing completely until they make PvP lore challenges doable in private matches. I realize it’s a stupid reason to not play the game, but it was a constant source of stress, and I play games to get rid of stress.


Agreed. I still play, but it was extremely annoying having to do PVP challenges in public PVP, especially the kill X character Y times. I actually chased down an Ambra once as Gal just so I could finish off her damnable lore.


I’m on the side that wants a second or so of the yellow invulnerable shield. Just to get out of harms way. Perhaps a Reyna type aoe pushback that also deals 1 damage, but that instantly goes away?

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Yep, this sooooooo much

I used to be againts Cross plataform… But maybe we could make it work?

If this happens we could atleast have a bigger player base, pc players dosent deserve that.

Is expensive to Cross plataform, but even if we cant buddy list other plataforms we could atleast get healthier mm times.

I find myself playing less and less these days too, for the same reason. I want to complete the lore challenges, but it stresses me out so much thinking about joining a PvP match and bringing down the team by going for lore. I’m already not the best at PvP, and by focusing on just one or two things I know I’m just being a bad team player. So I sit and hover over the Battleborn icon on my dashboard, have about 30 seconds of anxiety, and decide to pass on it every day or so.


Same with me - I tend to set myself a condition depending on who I get matched with, like if I get matched with a bunch of new guy against a full team of veterans, I’ll just play Galilea and hope someone picks Ambra. Otherwise I just find myself picking the few characters I’m genuinely comfortable with.

I’ve actually REALLY enjoyed completing 22 of 29 character’s lore challenges in almost strictly PVP.

It’s been a great reason to play new characters in PVP and to force yourself to play in sometimes very weird and unexpected ways.

I’m actually sad, after finally finishing mastering Alani in PVP today, that I only have two challenges left I think I’ll be able to reasonably knock out in PVP - get a first blood as Ghalt and get a double kill with Toby’s Ult.