Things that can be improved or added

So far I’m loving the game. I like the humor, art style, and the idea of a hero shooter/ability game like this. But after playing it for 50+ hours there’s a few things I think could be added or improved. Here’s my short list of things I’d like to see:

  1. Actual skins, not just recolored models. Some of the skins are nice but some just feel like they didn’t care at all. Like how some of them are a solid color everywhere with no detail (pink brick Attikus skin for example). In a game like this with so many different heroes to play as it only makes sense people are going to want to look awesome with some epic skins that change the normal appearance.

  2. Allow us to select our helix build in hero section just like we can select what gear we want to use before game starts. Many of my teammates die because they are trying to read/decide on what helix to select during game play. Both options should be available.

  3. Daily/weekly pve missions with bonuses like extra credits, loot packs, or exp. More pve missions and I’d like to see pve short arena missions (like finks slaughterhouse or the creature slaughter dome in bl2). There can be waves of enemies that you have to defeat or the pvp capture mode can be turned into a short pve mission to defend the points against enemies. The short pve missions can be around 10min to complete. Sometimes you don’t want to commit to a 25-40min pve mission.

  4. More pvp maps and 3v3 or 2v2 modes. Why is it always 6v6? Especially with a smaller player base this just makes it take longer to get into a game and sometimes you just want to get in fast and play a quick 10min game.

Personally I’m not sure if I would have bought the game if it was only pvp. Having the pve missions that are co-op just feels right for a game like this and it gives me a little of that BL2 feeling of shootin’ up stuff with your buddies. The pvp mode is just like a bonus to me.

So these are just a few quick thoughts of mine. Anyone else have any ideas on how the game can be improved?

Tier 2 skins are coming and they will be exactly what you’re asking for. Some were leaked in Imgur a while back. Also, if you like the gold skins they will be for every character eventually.

I don’t see why you’d want this, for all characters anyway. Some helix choices are situational, depending on enemy composition or game mode. Still, you’re not the first to ask and I’d like it for my Thorn and Phoebe builds which are always the same.

This is another popular ask, a “horde mode”, I absolutely love this idea. Better rewards for further completion, say rare and epic loot packs for completing certain waves and even commander loot packs for 100% completion.